Emergence — what’s coming into view?

Emergence, noun

  1. the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.
  2. the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent.

Something’s breaking open after a tough winter.

The magnolias bloom really early in northern California (not in April, like they do in New York City). This year I saw a few first blooms at Thanksgiving. I love watching them emerge when it’s cold and dreary, one of the first signs of softening and growth. Of new life. Of emergence.

emergenceI seem to be having another tough February, just like last year.

(Not the kind of fun I’d like to be having, but hey, circumstances, they come in all shapes, sizes, and intensities.)

Here’s my big three circumstances that are just a bit on fire right now: finances, housing, and health (oh my).

As things have gotten tighter and sometimes scarier, I’ve broken down, melted down, reached out for some good support and sounding boards, and now am beginning to break open.

Oh wait, you think I’m ready to say what’s next? Hahaha.

Nope, not quite there yet. Not even really close. Things are murky AF. So far I don’t have much of a clue. I do know a little though:

  • It’s time for me to write my story (seriously, I have a book that wants written).
  • It’s time for me to perfect my inner and outer cannabis-infused healing and beauty products and get them in the hands of women who need and want them.
  • It’s time for me to find new housing. Again. I am determined to try my best to create a new paradigm for shared housing. There are zillions of us single women who would love to live in community. Let’s find each other!

More about all of this as it arises.

While I may be a little quieter on social media (this is still a time for much internal work, even as we turn the corner into spring), I’m not going anywhere; I’m honored to stay connected with you. I’m here…

  • To help you write your new story in your third third. You are visible. You are beautiful. You are wise. You are important.
  • To stand with you as you move through your own losses — which seem to only get bigger and certainly more frequently present as we age. Relationships change and end. People pass on, move on. Kids grow up and out.
  • To look with you at those really scary things: health, housing, finances. When you can see your end more clearly than your beginning, these issues can feel so weighty, portentous, and scary.

You’re not alone, sister. Even if it feels that way sometimes.

If some 1:1 support would be helpful, let’s talk. Let’s look at what’s going on and see if we’re meant to work together.

And if you’re in the transformation biz, I’m here to help you uplevel your brand.

  • When you put all of YOU into your brand, you can relax, and know that your marketing is a true reflection of your purpose and commitment.
  • When your website and logo reflect YOU in an genuine, generous, and empathetic way, you fill your practice and your business with the paying clients you want.
  • When your marketing copy uses the words and phrases your just-right clients actually speak, you are creating a circle, a community, of fans, clients, and referrers. Magic.

So many ways to work together! Reach out, let’s see what’s meant to be.

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