Empathy marketing: Is your About page really only about you?

When your marketing copy uses the language and lexicon of empathy marketing, your About page is about you…

…but even more, your About page is about the person who needs what you do.

  • If you’re in business because you have a desire to be of service…
  • If you’re in business because you are a healer, a mentor, a changemaker…
  • If you’re in business because you know you have something you are meant to pass along…

…then there are some heart-forward marketing basics you should know.

Empathy marketing (aka heart-forward marketing, or heart-centered marketing).

Have you heard these expressions before?

These expressions are three evocative ways of saying that you are approaching your marketing from a deep resonant connection to this idea:

“I know whom I serve, I know who she is, what she cares about, and what problem she needs to solve. In my marketing language and look and tone, I do my best to make her feel seen, understood, and empathized with.”

When you lead with your heart, when you lead with recognition of your ideal client (even when you’re talking about yourself!), you are weaving your own heart and passion into your brand story, website, and social media. This is so helpful! You have pitched your tent in a crowded marketplace, and your just-right client will choose your tent, lift the flap and peek in, because you’ve made a connection from your heart to hers.
empathy marketingYour About page and your Home page are the most important, most visited, and most revisited pages on most websites, and the way you present yourself on these pages is critical to building a strong heart-forward, heart-centered brand. You can never know what pages someone will visit, in what order, and for how long she will stick around. What you can control is how you present the material on each page so that you create a sense of welcome and being recognized from each page. If your existing branding and marketing aren’t attracting your just-right clients, maybe it’s a perfect time to take another look, with expert help.

The Priestess Your Brand Website Audit will give you a framework for keeping your marketing copy and brand story aligned with the heart of your business as it grows and changes.

Learning these concepts will uplevel your brand’s ability to:

  • Capture and hold the interest and attention of an online skimmer.
  • Be attractive and compelling, with visuals and stories that speak to the heart of your just-right client.
  • Show more of who you really are which is what your just-clients are looking for.

I’m offering the Priestess Your Brand Website Audit because the work we do together, looking deeply at your About page (or your Home page, you pick) will help you:

  • Get clear on what your brand and business really is now, in this moment, and identify what to add or take away to keep your words, images, and message in alignment.
  • Learn the secrets of heart-centered marketing so that you reap the benefits that come from giving before you ask, and paying it forward with generosity.
  • Clarify who your just-right clients are: what they need, where they live, what they care about.
  • Review your existing brand elements and identify what could serve you better with the addition of a healing dose of empathy and love.
  • Create a marketing strategy calendar and structure that you can actually sustain.

From what we uncover and examine in our work together, you’ll have a new connection to the foundation and elements of your upleveled and heart-centered, heart-forward brand.

The results will be in your voice (not mine!), reflecting your passion, commitment, and your heart on the page, a beautiful red carpet for your just-right client.

Here’s why I’m offering the Website Audit

My own just-right clients are a badass DIY bunch — visionaries, healers, changemakers. Showing up for yourself and your clients is demanding. And then there’s staying on top of your brand, and your marketing, and assessing if and when it’s time to make changes. It’s a lot, right?

It’s hard to get all the details right and stay connected to your evolving brand story. Why not get some expert guidance to the most important page on your website? It’s evergreen guidance that you can then apply, one intentional action at a time, to the rest of the pages on your site and your other marketing platforms.

You don’t have to do it all yourself, and you don’t have to pay thousands to have it done for you.

The Priestess Your Brand Website Audit costs $540, and you’ll end up not only with a badass About page, but also with an action plan that you can continue to implement with me, on your own, or with your original designer.

It’s a crowded marketplace, yo.

What’s gonna make your just-right client notice your tent in the marketplace?

Let’s look together.

The Priestess Your Brand Website Audit is $540, is designed to be completed in a month, comprises three calls and some deep collaborative work in between. All the deets are here.

Sound useful? I’d love to know what you think. Jump in and leave a comment, or set up a no-strings conversation with me. There are a zillion ways we can collaborate on your badass beautiful brand so that it’s working for you; let’s look together at what’s possible and what makes sense now.

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  1. Powerful. Helpful! Content-rich. Thank you. You are indeed bad-ass! I will be keeping this to reread.

  2. Great points, Sue. I can’t tell you how many sites I navigate away from when the home page assumes I’m “stuck,” fearful or unfulfilled. If that’s who she’s looking for, I’m not her customer. And, if not? If there’s something for me to go from “good” to “better”? She has missed the boat. I’m already gone.

    • Exactly, Andrea. Which is good for all. For you, who gets the clear message telling you to continue to hang on and learn more (or not), and good for the owner of the website (presuming she is connecting through her words and messaging with her just-right client; if she isn’t send her to me!).

  3. I use somewhat of the same idea when I write. I write for the woman out there who is just like me, who loves what I love, who questions what I question, and who seeks what I seek.

    • Interesting, Barb. Yes, but… for me, because my just-right client isn’t just like me, nor do I want my work to contribute to a world where more people are just like me (oy!). Instead, I want the woman who yearns for what I yearn for (even if she loves the Mets, or Barry Manilow, or pig’s knuckles — to name three things I don’t love at all). Does that make any sense to you? My just-right client yearns for agency, sovereignty, ease, resilience, joy, enthusiasm. Got those? C’mon in…. The rest doesn’t matter. And I hope my marketing copy shines that really clearly!

  4. Love this Sue as i am just in the middle of what i am seeing as my final website revamp . Moving back to what you are talking about with both the home page and about and away from what the copywriters tell me to do which takes the soul and heart away- well the ones- I used to follow 🙂 xxx

    • Final revamp, go you! I just watched a Neil Patel video and on the sidebar (where he showed more videos) he had one that is titled “Why you should stop redoing your website” or something like it. Which made me smile, because I am done done done with that for now! I’m revamping some content and living with the form as it is!

  5. You’ve stopped me in my tracks, Sue. So much of copy is written from the point of lack and fear. Writing with love and empathy makes more sense. I need some time to digest this and go back to my pages and read with fresh eyes. Thanks.

    • Joyce, I am so glad you got stopped. This is good news! I hope you stick around; I love talking about empathy marketing. In fact, I’m about to put my eBook Secrets of a Priestess’s About Page up for general sale (was a bonus up until now); should be available next week or so.

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