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The first in a series of resource-filled posts guaranteed to make your social networking easier and more productive….

There's no "why-ing" in Facebook!First things first. Facebook changes the rules, the algorithms, and the way things work. All.The.Time.

You’re asking why, right? Well…There’s no why-ing in Facebook! (See what I did there? 😀 )

There’s still plenty of ways to empower yourself to grow your reach, connect with your ideal clients, and thrive in your business using Facebook.

And I promise you, when things change on Facebook — and they will! — I will come back and edit this post to keep it current for you. 

Today let’s talk about just two things: Identities and pinning posts

1) Choosing your identity: How and why to change from posting as yourself to posting as your business page

When you are on your business page, and you are about to post something, look for the little thumbnail and down arrow at the top right of the post box. There you can switch identities as you like.

Why switch identities?

  • When you Like another business page as your business, posts from that page will show up on your business page home feed (where you land up when you click on Home from your business page), allowing you to interact with business you resonate with. However! If you Like a biz page from your biz identity, it’s a very nice thing to then switch identities to your personal one and Like it again. Because Likes from your business page do not count in the number of Likes. So Like it twice!

Choosing your posting identity from your business page

  • When you are on your personal page, look for the little arrow in the blue bar. Click on that and you will find all your biz identities (if you have more than one business) and your personal ID. Switch there.Choosing your identity from your personal page

Why switch at all?

Here’s what I’m hearing and I’m distilling it for you to keep it simple, and keep in mind, this could change at any time.

  • If you’re on a personal page you may only comment as yourself, not as your business.
  • If you’re on a business page, and you comment as your business, it will also show your personal name. This is new, and very cool, and who knows how long it will last?
  • Vary it up. Comment and share as your business; comment and share as yourself.
  • Like business pages as yourself so the business gets the Like added to their total. If it’s a business you want to engage with more, Like the page also as your biz.

2) How to pin a post to the top of your page

Go to your business page and create a post

You want to post as your business so the post shows up on your wall, not in the Posts to page section on the left, where they will end up if you post as yourself.
Pinning posts step 1

  • Submit the post. Then click on the red down arrow at the top right of the post. If your system is like mine, you won’t see Pin to Top. There is a solution: Refresh the page!

Pinning posts step 2

  • Click on that little arrow again and Pin to Top should appear. Do this so your post is the first thing visitors see. Very good if you’re participating in a Facebook share event of some kind.

Pinning posts step 3

That’s it! If I’ve done my job correctly, you will have new mastery — switching identities in Facebook and pinning posts. Try these out…. #ShareYourMagic!

Have I left anything out? Please tell me. I did this today running a fever, but I wanted to get this to you!

A little bit of business:

  • Have you downloaded your copy of Sharing Your Magic in Social Media yet? It’s free, it’s filled with juicy, and useful, and powerful tools and practices to help you grow, connect, and thrive. Help yourself!
  • Are you a woman with heart and soul who wants support in your social media marketing? Join our free Facebook group.
  • Huge thanks to Michelle Amethyst Mahoney, whose Facebook Badass program has been invaluable! Many of the tools I’m sharing come directly from her.

Please talk to me in the comments. Do you have questions? Is anything unclear? I am here; bring it!

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  1. Thanks, Sue — I’m “tutoring” some friends who are really nervous about social media… Definitely sharing this with them. (Maybe they’ll believe YOU – lol)

    • Sarah, I think that’s a good idea. Grow your reach….Connect with your ideal clients….Thrive in your business!


    • Kimberly, phew. Glad it landed. I had 101º fever all day yesterday; I was hoping coherence hadn’t left me. Let me know how you go.

      Love and magic,

  2. Sue, This is great. I’m in another group that was just talking about “likes” from personal vs. “follows” from business pages and this article will be so helpful to share with them. Thank you!

    • Deb,

      The never-ending and ever-changing complexities of Facebook! Thanks for sharing this.


    • Donna, you are welcome! I love sharing what I know. And like I said, I will keep updating posts like these as things (inevitably) change.

      Blessed be!

  3. Sue, this is SO helpful. I also had a weird thing happen where since I had not been posting on my biz page due to my Mom’s death,etc. Facebook started taking Likes away from me by subtracting a few each day. So I had to start a FB ad campaign to get them back. What do you know about that sneaky policy? Hope you are well and thriving!

    • Lorraine, thanks! I am happy that I’m letting my geek-flag fly with posts like this. When you and others let me know you find it useful to share this info, it’s an exhilarating excuse to bring my nerd out!

      Love and light,

  4. Thank you Sue for your practical post. Facebook can be confusing and it’s posts like yours that help to make sense of it. Awesome! Have a great weekend! ~Stacey

    • Stacey, welcome here! I am having a great weekend, and you just made it even nicer. Thanks for letting me know.

      Blessed be,

    • Julie, thanks! And I just welcomed you to the Conscious Collaboration FB group. Lovely to be in increased connection with you.


  5. Thanks for the reminders Sue. I admit it – I get so frustrated with Facebook sometimes that I just ignore it for awhile which obviously does my poor fan page no good. Time to suck it up and give it another try. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing facebook page tips, I didn’t know the differences between liking as myself or as my page Balance on Purpose, I’d like to add more likes from my page so I can have more businesses on my ‘ home page’ to interact with!

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