I just ran my first Facebook challenge

I called my Facebook challenge an UnChallenge — the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge.

2016 was the year of the Magnolias West rebrand.

I realized at the end of 2015 that I wasn’t attracting my just-right clients, and my revenue proved it. ? With support, I used the best of what I’ve learned to uplevel the Magnolias West brand. Along the way, I compiled and curated and simmered together many of the heart-centered branding tools I’ve been taught and everything I learned from my own rebranding experience into my Priestess Your Brand offer.

The Facebook Challenge I put together was an opportunity to share powerful pieces of this wisdom in a free weeklong experience.
I used my Facebook challenge to accomplish three things:

  • Spread the word about Priestess Your Brand (also known as PYB — my coaching program that is a deep dive into branding for heart-centered conscious entrepreneurs) and how important it is to know the Who, What, and Why of your conscious business — how that becomes the foundation of your brand story.
  • Create engagement in my Business Priestess Circle Facebook group and grow my email subscriber list.
  • Generate some revenue.

Priestess Your Brand UnChallengeHere’s one of the promo images I used to publicize the Facebook challenge:

I’m still debriefing, thought I’d share some of the insights and questions with you.

Please chime in with your experiences and share what you’ve learned (leave a comment below).

There are a lot of steps to running a Facebook challenge, but the payoff is awesome!

Immediate payoff: More engagement with my tribe, which grew significantly in email list signups and in Facebook group membership. In fact, except for the affiliate marketing piece, I’d say it’s a hell of a lot like a launch.

There was a lot to learn about running a challenge.

I’m sure I’ll learn just as much in the next one.

Here are some big things I learned that will help me in the next go-round:

  • Get support to manage the details (really, I don’t know if this can be done solo — it’s a lot).
  • Get as granular as you possibly can — break down everything into discrete action steps and schedule everything. For example, “create new email list” sounds like one thing but it’s really more like seven things (1-create new list, 2-capture the list ID and other pertinent info that’s generated upon list creation, 3-personalize the opt-in email with your own voice, 4-create sign-up page on your website, 5-create sign-up form for that page and populate it with the pertinent list info, 6-create the autoresponder that new signups receive, 7-I think I forgot one or maybe it was only six; either way — get granular!)
  • Plan for things to take a little longer than you think they will. Because Murphy. Because Mercury retrograde. Because you can’t think of everything.

The results, so far, of my first Facebook challenge:

Yup, I’m parting the curtains and sharing the numbers.Secrets of a Priestess's About Page

  • 30+% growth in my Facebook group. Over half of the UnChallengers were new to the group, which created a significant bump in the group population. The engagement and interactions were wonderful.
  • 76 participants total, and 2/3 of these are new to the Magnolias West email list. That’s a nice rise in the number of recent and interested subscribers.
  • I did offer two things for sale at the end of the UnChallenge: Priestess Your Brand (also known as PYB — my coaching program that is a deep dive into branding for heart-centered conscious entrepreneurs), and my wisdom pdf — Secrets of a Priestess’s About Page — which is a bonus for PYB and so far only available there or to UnChallenge participants. The UnChallenge ended on Monday, waiting for the sales to come in.

I still have two openings for Priestess Your Brand, and I’d love to start the new year with you!

Take a minute, and if you feel in your heart that this may be what your business needs as we turn into the new year, have a look at the Priestess Your Brand offer page, fill out the form, send it in, and we’ll get your check-it-out call scheduled.

Or hey! Maybe you already know that this is right for you now; maybe you’re already thinking about upleveling your brand in 2017

Then click on this button below. It will take you directly to my scheduler and we will dive into this together to see what’s meant to be. Because, sister, fit matters.

Schedule a call

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  1. Appreciating your candor, humor, and wealth of info shared and learned, Sue, from this challenge. I sense I have much to learn from you…And as such, will be reaching out to up a time to connect as passionate sisters trying to serve. Until then, wishing you much joy in this holy season!

  2. The UnChallenge was awesome. I especially liked how you started it off by asking us to write down and share our commitments… it really helped me to keep going, as it got a bit challenging for me shortly thereafter… so many very experienced women in the challenge, and I’m just starting to learn about this online marketing stuff! so I went back, re-read my commitments, and just kept going…

    • Rosa, so glad to read this. Thanks. The same thing happened to me. I was buoyed by looking up at my commitments as the UnChallenge went on. Especially after I got so sick in the middle of last week.

      Because I have a built-in forgetter, I printed out my commitments and pinned them to my office wall. Because out of sight, out of mind.

      I’m glad you stuck it out, and I’m here if you’d like a deeper level of support as you unfold in your business.

      Blessed be.

  3. As one of the participants in the Challenge, I enjoyed myself thoroughly Sue. I dropped off on Day 5 thanks to the internet connection issue but that didn’t stop me from doing the exercise and learning more about my brand. Lots of information to now process and see how to integrate it into my website.

    The checklist approach is the best when setting up the challenge because Mercury and Murphy only visit when they aren’t welcome. 🙂 I figured that one out when I set up my first infoproduct in 2014 and yes, it was a lesson I don’t want to relearn.

    Season’s Greetings!

    • Vatsala, thanks so much for sharing your experience in the UnChallenge. I am excited to see what you weave into your marketing.

    • Hey Susan Mary, welcome, I’m glad we’ve connected.

      Yup doable. If I can do it, go for it.

      Let me know how I can help.

  4. Hi Sue,

    I’ve been planning a challenge for the New Year and didn’t realize what a big and complex task they can be. It’s so inspiring to see you diving in like that! It looks like your efforts are paying off. I love the new look of your site BTW. Beautiful!

  5. Sue,

    Thank you for sharing your results and being totally authentic. I agree with you on the need to break everything down. It looks like a brief step on paper yet there are many parts to the whole. Congratulations on the significant increase in engagement. Look forward to reading more.

    • Hey Yvonne, welcome here! For me at least, I get overwhelmed until I have things really chunked down. I don’t know that I’ll do a FB challenge again right away, but stick around for there are many changes afoot!

  6. Congrats on the results for your FB challenge! Having followed your rebranding and seen your passion and enthusiasm for helping others, I’m so happy it is producing such positive results for you. Wishing you continued growth in 2017, Sue!

  7. How awesome, Sue, congratulations! I will be doing a challenge soon too. For some of the same reasons you mentioned. I have done similar and aware of the work behind the scenes as well as creating group programs and home study programs etc. It feels good to go through it, huh? The experience and learning is priceless. Feeling your excitement and making me feel more inspired, thanks.

    • Hey Teresa, I’ll keep my eyes open for your upcoming challenge, and thanks for the understanding and compassion. Priceless — a great way to describe it!

  8. Sue congrats and yes I was blessed to have Des doing all my copy and emails beforehand. – as I was running my challenge the same week i did not get to take part plus my internet broke on my Day 3- fun

    Thanks for sharing you journey- maybe we can compare notes. I have learned so much too and have a wonderful revamped challenge for maybe late January.

  9. Wow, this was your first challenge? I couldn’t tell! It was great, the tasks were perfectly pitched to be challenging enough but not overwhelming, and I loved the way you interacted with us all. It was really brilliant, and I got lots from it, thank you!

    • Wow, Esther, that’s so kind. Thanks for saying that it looked like I know what I’m doing! Welcome here. I look forward to our ongoing deepening connection.

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