Flowing through changes

2020’s abundant changes keep flowing, fast and full of surprises.

After six months living in pandemic conditions with the rest of y’all, we’ve got an early start to the California wildfire season, and bad bad bad air for weeks now.

No immediate danger of the house I live in being consumed, but wow purple air is no fun. I’ve been masking up in the house, and actually double-masking outdoors some days. Otherwise I’ve been holed up indoors, keeping the doors and windows tightly shut (which is really weird in August).

Even though it’s tiring to be breathing purple air, even though it’s hard to feel inspired when you’re inhaling ash and smoke, I’m moving forward. Apparently in flow more than I’d expect. For which phew!

Somehow I’m guided. Somehow I’m moving in flow, in the direction of my desires.

Somehow, in all this, I’m creating, and sharing what I create with the world.

When I stop trying to change the flow of the river, when I start flowing with what is instead of holding on and resisting, the nature of the changes that come my way seem more likely to match my desire.

Funny how that works, huh? Funny how my odds of a joyful outcome seem to improve when I cut down on the complaining and hanging out in fear. This takes a shit-ton of practice, and it works.

Honestly, you’ve met me, right? Going with the flow and expecting good outcomes were never my go-to. I’ve been white-knuckling my life for decades.

What’s bringing more flow now? I’m finding that meditation (on the daily) really helpful. And reading/listening to inspiring teachers. Right now I’m studying Abraham Hicks, and studying with William Whitecloud and Michael Neill. I’m putting myself in the way of being exposed to gratitude, allowance, flow, and creative encouragement a lot — I’m a slow learner and need a ton of reminding.

What’s flowing into and through your 2020?

  • What are you creating, or dreaming of creating?
  • What are you itching to midwife into manifestation?
  • What would freedom and flow, fun and fluidity, feel like in your world?

My art’s going up in a gallery.

Happy dance of appreciation! I just found out today three canvases are going to be hanging at Gallery One in Petaluma.

I’d nearly given up on the idea, with the five-month delay (thank you Covid) after I first met the owner. But I walked back in anyway, and Michael Gonzalez, the owner, invited me to send photos. He picked two canvases from the pix; I brought them (and one other) into his shop. He’s accepted all three!

  • flow and fluidity
  • flow and fluidity
  • flow and fluidity

Now I get to wire the backs and (gulp!) price them. Which’ll go well if I just stop worrying about it. I’m officially giving up the practice of assuming a negative outcome. (Freedom!)

I’m finally starting to get that since all my thinking’s made up, why not make up something pleasant and move in a positive direction instead of a dire one?

I’m creating my first e-course!

It’ll be a 6- or 7-week deep dive into fluid art, and how it’s a great art form for embracing flow. It’s freeing, forgiving, and so much f*cking fun! I’ll teach my favorite techniques (including the ones I’ve made up). Coming soon.

I’m rearranging my ergonomic setup

That I’m getting any work done at all, considering the amount of physical pain I’ve been in trying to make a dual-monitor setup work for my aging body, is a f*cking miracle.

I’m working less. Taking more breaks. Uninstalling and installing keyboard/mouse platforms, and getting an external webcam and speakers, so I can close my laptop and use just the one monitor.

I surrender. My two-monitor setup isn’t working out. And I have much work to do. This e-course won’t make itself. I’ve got videos and slideshows to make! One monitor will have to do. (First-world problems for sure.)

How are you flowing through 2020 and its changes?

What are you cooking up? I’d love to know. Talk to me in the comments.

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