Going with the flow

Have a look around.

My creations — the ones I show, anyway — come from a light and fluid place. Driven by movement, curiosity, and willingness to follow that “What if I did that? Or this?” impulse.

Fluid art is freeing, and more fun that I even knew could be possible. What I make looks great on my walls, shelves, and dangling from things. They’ll look great wherever you put them.

A sampling of what’s come through my hands

Some of the pieces on this site is available for purchase. Some I haven’t posted yet!

Please reach out by email or phone if you'd like pricing or to schedule an online studio visit. Thank you.

Wondering what tools you need to start playing with fluid art?

A little about me

Sue Kearney

I’m Sue Kearney. I’m a halfway-tamed hippie and a lifelong learner, and I’m here to tell you that the lessons offered in the third third of life keep getting realer. Luckily, so do the blessings.

I’m gratefully walking (okay, sometimes limping) through this life of miracles and mystifying survivals, addiction and recovery, sarcasm and surrender, wisdom and wonder.

I’m no longer trying to unwind time in my body; instead I’m embracing (reluctantly yet eventually) most of the changes with humor and grace. I’m a work in progress.

These days I paint, make medicines and luscious beauty products, guide healers and changemakers as they midwife their work in the world, and have deep transformative conversations on the daily.

Read more about me here. (Credentials and all.)