Foundation and Source

Without connection to Source, to the Divine, how do you know the foundation you build will support you and your business?

Foundation and source

I have been Counting the Omer this year.

It’s a practice in Judaism during which you spend time each day for 49 days contemplating different spiritual lessons, each one tied to different attributes of the Kaballah. I chose to get the lessons from Rabbi Yael Levy, who sends out an email every day during the Omer with that day’s focus, meditation suggestions, prayers, and intentions.

The Omer process (which ends this week) has been deep, transformative, and illuminating.

When you start a business, you think about all the things you have to do and put in place in order to create a foundation — and you put so much work into it You put in all that work so that you can create a viable, strong, and sustainable foundation.

  • A foundation on which you can stand — grounded, comfortable and safe
  • A foundation from which you can operate with ease
  • A foundation that will hold and support you and your business as it grows and thrives, allowing you to be of sacred service to your ideal clients

Many consultants and business coaches say you have to start with a business plan. I’ve never written one — for myself or with a client.

And yet I’ve helped many clients start and sustain their businesses.

Whether you write a business plan or not (some people like them), it’s critical for women healers and changemakers like you to have a strong spiritually connected foundation to your business, especially if you want to do the work you know you are meant to do for the people you know you are meant to serve. Without connection to Source, to the Divine, you weaken the possibility that the reality of your business match your vision. As Rabbi Levy says:

Take time to reflect on the experiences that have shaped you, the people who support you, and the values that you stand on.

She goes on to invite you to ask yourself:

  • What are my sacred values?
  • Where are my roots planted?
  • Who are my teachers?
  • What wisdom do I hope to pass on?

Whether you’re just starting out, or tweaking or taking time to review and recommit to your business (what a great thing to do in a Mercury retrograde, just sayin’…) please consider folding in a lot of sacred connection into your foundation, and then remember to feed and water that connection as you go.

Offer this prayer (or write one of your own) as you build and grow and thrive in your business:

May I be a source of healing and service. May I share peace, well-being, blessing, love, grace, gratitude, and compassion.

How do you stay connected to Source and the Divine? How did you ground yourself spiritually as you started (and continue in) your business? I’d love to hear from you! Talk to me in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article, Sue. I can definitely relate. Having a strong spiritual foundation and practice is critical. One of my main practices are Sacred Spirit Journeys, plus there’s a constant underlying awareness of Source/my spirit guides in my daily life. Interestingly, I’ve found the more I learn to let go and to trust, to follow my intuition and spirit, the more at peace I get and the easier and better results.

    • Marianne, welcome here!

      I’d love to know more about Sacred Spirit Journeys. They sound absolutely wonderful.


  2. There is so much wisdom in this post – Every new business would gain so much from reading and reflecting upon the ideas here. I agree, this kind of focus and intention can be more powerful than any business plan.

    • Reba, thanks for stopping by to comment!

      And for how beautifully you put it about a spiritual focus and intention.


  3. What a beautiful prayer: “May I be a source of healing and service. May I share peace, well-being, blessing, love, grace, gratitude, and compassion.” Thank you.

    • Shann, Thanks. It felt great when it wrote itself, and it feels just as beautiful, gentle, and powerful now when I reread it.


  4. I think a connection to your intuition (and spirituality) is more important than a classic business plan. My spirituality and intuition doesn’t only guide my business, they’re a part of it.

  5. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the business plan aspect that I forget sometimes the ‘why I’m doing this in the first place.’ For me it helps to have a business plan, just because to see things on paper helps me move from step 1 to step 2 etc. Although I know my sacred purpose, it would help to take time to connect with that every day. Thanks for your article, Sue!

    • Sara, Yes for me, the foundation of my steps is my practice, my connection to source. Everything else unfolds with so much more ease this way. Keep remembering….

      Love and more love,

  6. Beautiful reminder, Sue. And beautiful questions from Rabi Levy–thank you for sharing them here.

    One part of how I stay spiritually present in life, work and partnership is nightly recitation of a decree my Love (now husband and business partner) wrote a month and a half after our first meeting (we knew from the start). It’s about us…but part of us is our work, our practice, our clinic.

    Goes this way:

    We are receptive as petals opening to sunbeams.
    We are persistent as waves shaping shoreline stone.
    We are steady and still as an ancient oak.
    We are resilient and supple as new bamboo.
    We have the playful spirit of woodland faeries. 
    We have the innocent faith of a child’s smile.
    Our Desires are as natural as dawn and dusk.
    Our Hearts shine forth with vitality and truth.
    Together, we merge the Powerful Grace of the Tiger with the Magical Beauty of the Pearl. 
    We are in Love with each other, with us, with our dreams.
    From this place, we Decree the help of the Universe, the Dao and all of our compassionate & helping spirits to support us in our intent to:
    Create and continuously grow a healthy, abundant, joyous Home that nurtures, protects and expresses our Hearts’ True Desires in all things, including family, work and wellbeing.

  7. Inspirational as always Sue! Since I’ve spent most of my life in sales and marketing the whole business/marketing plan thingy is pretty much a part of my DNA. That said, I was more than happy to take a much more fluid approach when I went out on my own. Still planning is important to me so the last weekend of every month is dedicated to reviewing what did/didn’t work and looking ahead to the new month. I’d be lost with out that time of thoughtful contemplation and recentering.

  8. Sue,

    Love this post and the beautiful energy it exudes.

    I stay connected to the Divine everyday by praying, meditating and healing through Divine love. I don’t think I can actually function without being connected to Source. My spiritual growth depends on it.

    Thank you for this beautiful nudge.

    Much Love,

    • Hi Zeenat, welcome!

      I love your comment, thanks so much for stopping by.

      I’m taking this into my heart: “I don’t think I can actually function without being connected to Source.” Thinking about it, I can function absent that connection, but it isn’t pretty!

      So, I continue to nudge myself back into the light.


    • Kathleen, welcome.

      Yup, me too. I’ve been starting my day with tai chi for over 40 years, and I walk every single day. Movement is a key part of this sacred triskele (with prayer and meditation).

      Great reminder.

      Love and light,

  9. I love your post Sue and your daily prayer. I connect to my source everyday through meditation, walking on the beach, journaling, prayer , gratitude and painting.

    I love what you have written about planning, as it is something I do struggle with and I know the more I listen and go within the more clarity I get.

    Suzie xx

    • Suzie, Lovely comment. Thank you so much.

      Listening leads to and results in more clarity. Simple and powerful.

      Love and magic,

  10. Sue,

    Thank you for the reminder to have “a strong, spiritually connected foundation to my (our) business”. I focus on this connection within myself, my relationships to others, to the Earth, but have when I hear your words there is an “I’m not sure I’m doing this, not sure I know how” concern that surfaces…asking for deeper reflection.

    Thank you also for introducing me to a Jewish path that might really touch my heart. Rabbi Levy’s questions and your daily prayer are now living with me.

    Honoring you, and blessings…


    • Yvonne, welcome here!

      Your comment is just beautiful. Keep me posted as you reflect and grow.

      Blessed be,

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