Full Moon Gratitudes

Thought for the day:
If you’re too busy to nourish your spirit, you’re too busy.

I like it. It’s on the wall in my kitchen, and I saw it just now, as I was moving slowly enough to let it catch my eye. It’s from the Awakening Joy class I’m doing. They included six lovely affirmations laid out as cards in the monthly homework letter and I cut them out and put them up around my house. (I’m one who has that teflon mind, where good stuff just slides away, and I need lots of reminders of ways to think gentle positive and loving thoughts.) Because I gave myself the gift of doing some T’ai Chi this morning, I was able to see that card again.

I love it.

I am quite nourished this morning.

Woke up and lit my candle and did my daily blessing. And then stepped into the powerful Full Moon exercise my tribe of dianic priestesses created this weekend. It’s called The Mother of the New Time, and it’s a powerful prayer that states a powerful future. It’s easy to do; it’s something all women can do every Full Moon this year, right at their own altar or own special space. From the Mother of New Time blog:

Today, we encourage our sisters to put aside fear and remember Who We Are. Whether or not we have individually given birth or raised a child, we are all, collectively, the Mothers of consciousness. Just as a thoughtful Mother teaches her child the basic aspects of life, we can teach the world how to create a sustainable future instead of merely accepting what is currently being handed to us.

So. Nourished. And it’s only 8 a.m.

And there’s a bonus: It’s raining! All night long. Rainy and not too cold. Keep it coming. Moisten us! Drench us!


Full Moon notes:

This Full Moon is in Leo, and it’s full at 1:53 p.m. today (Pacific).

The Leo Full Moon invites, no more like compels us, to become the very best we can be. Leo is all about healthy ego and joyful expression of self (yes sometimes to excess). With Leo there can be big-hearted generosity and love. The Leo Moon is opposite the Aquarius Sun, which means that it’s not just about the personal (“Look at me!”); it’s also so much about our lives as part of a collective (Aquarius).

Which makes me think that the Mother of the New Time practice picked an awfully auspicious time to begin.

I think I’ll write a gratitude list. And further nourish my spirit.

I am grateful for the rain.

I am grateful for the relationship I have with my daughter. Even though I am also grieving what’s happening in her life, and that she may very soon be moving very far away from me, what we have now is such a gift.

I am grateful for my work. For the chutzpah that’s probably genetic that allows me to audaciously show up for women in my writings, my speaking, everything.

I am grateful for my daily walks. Oh today I may end up being grateful for the indoor track at the gym (hooray for rain!).

I am grateful for the women in my Gratitude Challenge circle who share their daily gratitudes with me.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful that the three months of daily diarrhea seems to finally be responding to the medicine.

I am grateful for the sacred ceremony my sisters performed for me on Saturday. What an amazing experience. My heart swells and my skin tingles all over when I think about it.

I am grateful for participating in so much sacred work, the intention of which is to be useful for everyone, now and in the future.

I am grateful for gratitude (think about it!).

Love and blessings, blessings and love

Credits: This lovely image is from Dave Archer‘s website.

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  1. This is a beautiful post, thank you. The Mother of the New Time project has me so excited and hopeful.
    I’m grateful for you in my life!



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