Full Moon in Libra—gratitude in balance

It’s that time of the month again.

We are one quarter of the way through the Mother of the New Time project. In case you want to join in but haven’t yet, here are the instructions for this ritual enactment, best done at the peak of today’s Full Moon at 12:19 p.m. Pacific, or if you prefer your magic under the Moon’s light, tonight when she is full.

Today’s Moon

As usual, various cultures come up with their own names for the April Full Moon in Libra, opposing the Aries Sun. Some of these names are:

  • Grass Moon
  • Egg Moon
  • Seed Moon
  • Budding Trees Moon
  • Dandelion Moon
  • Yellow Moon
  • Planters Moon
  • Wind Moon

First things first:

Do you feel the relief? Mercury turned direct again on the 4th, and that shakiness is replaced by a sense of All Systems Go. Lovely! That’s a big improvement. This last Mercury retrograde cycle was less than gentle for me. I guess I got away pretty easy—one swift unexpected technological death and replacement. A funny one, too. Losing my printer in a beautiful effort to print on seed-impregnated paper. The paper was then going to be cut into small squares and folded into origami shapes.

Picture it: Beautiful sayings about compassion. On seed-impregnated paper. Turned into origami swans and flowers and more. To be given away at our equinox ritual. Yeah, well, they got made, but a seed took down my printer in the process. Could have been worse. Thanks, Mercury. See you next time…

Now on to the Moon. They say this Moon is about balance in relationships. Balancing the need to be taken care of (Aries) with the importance of taking care of others (Libra). Giving and receiving. Going first and hanging back. Considering other points of view.

Inspired by the energies of this Full Moon, here’s a themed gratitude list:

I am grateful for balance in my life

I am grateful for my desire to be generous in all relationships

I am grateful that I am skilled in releasing relationships (in life and in business) that no longer serve me

I am grateful that I can be honest and fair in relationships

I am grateful that I am accountable, that I show up and I communicate

I am grateful to be flexible and to lightheartedly deal with change

I am grateful for peace inside myself and that I bring that peace to my interactions

I am grateful for my colleagues and clients and I let them know how much they mean to me

I am grateful to be a Mother of the New Time and that I fully inhabit the powerful intentions around this

I am grateful for the work/life balance in my days

Love and light!

Credit: This beautiful antlered moon accompanies Mystic Medusa’s article about today’s Full Moon.

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