Full Moon Lunar Eclipse—time to get moving, ready or not!

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse

Friday 5/24 at 9:25pm PDT

They say that this is one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2013. This eclipse has a SuperMoon, when the Moon is as close as it ever gets to the Earth, in a straight alignment with the Sun and Earth. The SuperMoon makes this Lunar Eclipse extra potent and important. Ooh, time to fasten seatbelts!

Some of the names different cultures use for this month’s Full Moon include:

  • Milk Moonpanther
  • Dragon Moon
  • Bright Moon
  • Hare Moon
  • Grass Moon
  • Planting Moon
  • Panther Moon
  • Flower Moon

Most of the names allude to the lushness and growth of this early Summer season, don’t they? (Yes, the way I see it, we’re already in Summer’s energy. Seeds have sprouted, I’m seeing flowers on the tomato plants and blackberry vines, days are getting longer and longer. Aaahhh, that sultriness, I love it.)

Sagittarius helps us weave our stories, myths and meanings

What stories are you telling yourself about this now moment? What do see as possible for you, for your community, for the planet? What do you say to inspire yourself and others to keep moving in the direction of your highest good?

With the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter now all in Gemini, the energy this week should start feel more fluid, changeable and undefined with fiery Sagittarius opposite airy, open-minded, fast-moving Gemini during this week’s Full Moon. This invites us forces us to let go of the resistant death grip on stagnation we may have developed during the last cycle (all that Taurus-Scorpio energy can get pretty stuck and sludgy, believe me, as a Scorpio, I know!). Once you pop free, hopefully you’ll land on your feet—or at least bounce back to standing—and lighten up, be more flexible, less attached, nimble and open to change.

You’re gonna need that openness and nimbleness, because that stagnant energy is getting stirred up now and in that freed-up state, you may all of a sudden see more than one way to move forward. You gotta pick your path, find your way, listen for your own story and heed it, be guided by your inner GPS. Because, beautiful, no external person or force can make this decision for you.

There’s relief in this, isn’t there?

The inner planets are finally finished with their paralyzing dance with Saturn. Whatever was blocking you from moving forward with your intentions and plans is being released. The increasing awareness and openness you feel frees you to move forward. Despite any confusion about what might be best, choose a path and move in the direction of your highest good.

As long as the path you choose keeps you moving forward in the direction of your passion, and your growth, and your mission and purpose, you cannot make a bad decision. What’s next for you in your business, lovely? Now’s a really really good time to start!

Every Full Moon invites you to celebrate the progress you’ve made on manifesting the intentions you set on the previous New Moon. As this SuperMoon has waxed towards full, what have you taken on? What have you risked? And what sacred and audacious action is next? Please share what you’ve manifested with me in the comments.


Sharing my gratitude with you

  • I’m grateful for my sister’s visit. I cooked a delicious lunch for us. I grilled a pork chop with fig chutney and added some carrots, zucchini and snap peas to the grill. Rounded it out with avocado and my sauerkraut. Yum!
  • I’m grateful that I’ve learned how to find ease at yoga class. Today I woke up nearly screaming from the pain of intense muscle cramps. It was so bad that my back has been tweaked all day. I was able to use the time on the mat to move slowly and lovingly.
  • I’m grateful for patience. My back is still tweaked, no healing yet. And I know it will pass.
  • I’m grateful for the garden. I’m grateful for growing some of the food that I eat. This is huge. I’m from Brooklyn. Where produce comes from the supermarket. Or, in my case when I was growing up, from a frozen-food box.
  • I’m grateful for how this gratitude practice helps me of value, of service, in my work and in my life.

What are you grateful for today? I’d love to know! Share a comment with me.


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  1. Thanks for this post and the heads up about this mega full moon! For me this is about leaving behind the old era and stepping into the new one—filled with financial + romantic abundance! Looking forward to what’s in store!

    Rachel X

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for commenting!

      Financial and romantic abundance…yum! I’m down for both of those! Sounds like a great new era to me.

      Love and blessings,

  2. Hi Sue, I will be looking out over the beautiful Red Sea on Friday for this amazing “special” Full moon, which always inspires me to further action. Thanks for letting us know the background.

    Gratitude, Well I am very grateful for my friend Sherryl who is coming all the way from NZ to visit me, here in Egypt!

    Wonderful. Thanks for a great post.

    • Hi Julie,

      How wonderful. That should be quite a sight, the big SuperMoon rising over the Red Sea. Inspiring, for sure!

      Love to you,

  3. Thank you! I, too, am leaving behind an old era. 

    I’ve come to terms with and discovered different things that I was hanging on to—that were not serving me and I’m letting them go to step forward in to a bright, beautiful season. 

    As a Gemini, – I’m guessing I’m in for a thrilling ride with so much traveling through Gemini. Whee! I, just this moment, decided that I’m going to create a full moon ceremony to honor this.

    • Hi Christine,

      Good for you! Let me know what you end up for your ritual.

      And if you’d like to join in a worldwide group ritual, check out Mother of the New Time, a Full Moon working that my Priestess tribe created. Would love to have you join in!


  4. Thank you!  I am letting go of a long era of general passiveness in life.  It’s a journey, but I’m starting it.  

  5. Love this: Sagittarius helps us weave our stories, myths and meanings

    As a sister sagittarian, I am amped up and and ready to launch! Now I have to get clear about where I want to go. The possibilties are endless!

    • Ahhh, discernment. I know how big and important that is, and how the unmasking—the unfolding—can seem so daunting.

      What do you do to help bring clarity to your discernment?

      And don’t forget, beauty, that sometimes (like right now) it doesn’t as much matter where you go as it matters that you go.


  6. I am ready and open to being forced to let go of the stagnation! 🙂 The past 3 months have been pretty cloudy and muddled, so I am ready for new energy and life to flow and to move forward! Very excited for this moon!

    • Shana, good for you for being willing to let go of the stuckness. Gonna make it much easier to be in the flow, right?

      My heart to yours,

  7. A friend sent this post to me. It speaks volumes to me. I now know what I must do and when I must do it. I need to rid myself of the toxic relationship and situations in my life and move in a more positive direction. Thank you.

    • Hello Deborah, welcome here.

      Be gentle with yourself as you make these changes. Wishing you ease, and lots of love.


  8. Oooh the synergies in this are popping in my head and as I read tears came to my eyes from recognition of my need for this! Thank you.

    Thank goodness we’re popping out. I’m double Scorp and the stagnation has been driving me near on crazy  


  9. Love your article, Sue! It’s insightful, empowering, and most of all it makes complete sense to what’s going on in my life right now. Astrology is part my work, and it’s refreshing to find a down-to-earth astrology article that doesn’t contain too much jargon. 

    Thank you! 


    • Christiane, thank you so much. That’s a big powerful acknowledgement for me and I’m thrilled to read it.


  10. Thanks so much for this !! It was exactly what I needed to hear today, at this moment .

    I will be gazing up and letting sister moon do her magic!

  11. So lovely the moon gazing! Happily I can feel the movement beginning!

    • My book and the whole getting it out there to support woman in artistry is published and inspiring women!
    • My site with other support for us at this feminine awakening is almost complete.
    • My organic flowers are growing with weddings on the calendar.
    • Projects that seemed to keep hitting walls have begun to smoothly go forward!
    • Newness is of spring which is not always cozy yet clearing the space for the seeds of the season.

    Delighted to hear your thoughts and know we are all in these energies together and to use it all for upliftment is the loveliness of the internet! Never alone, connected to all, knowing it is a journey of joy and sorrow, building a web to support and inspire! Thank you for your thoughts!  

    • Lyn, wow! Inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your wide-ranging movement and projects.

      Blessings and love,

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