The Full Moon in Gemini, celebrate the return of the light

Full Moon in Gemini

Sunday 12/17/13
25º36′ Gemini
1:28 am Pacific
4:28 am Eastern
9:28 am GMT

Some traditional names for December’s Full Moon are:

  • The Moon before Yule
  • Long Night Moon
  • Bitter Moon
  • Cold Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Oak Moon
  • Sassafras Moon
  • Peach Moon (those Choctaws had quite a sense of humor!)
  • Twelfth Moon (and the Dakotah Sioux were pretty literal!)

Every Full Moon is a culmination moment…

…an auspicious moment to stand in Her light, look back at the previous month, express gratitude for what has come to pass, and set your intentions for the coming lunation. I have been doing this in my women’s Full Moon circle for many years.

December’s Moon, the Moon before Yule, the Moon that illuminates one of the longest nights of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, issues an even bigger invitation to you. An invitation to show up for your year-end review and planning with a renewed commitment to authenticity, transparency and connection, tools that will serve you as you move into the fasten-your-seat-belt challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

MoonBeforeYuleThis Moon in Gemini comes during the last few days of the Sun’s passage through Sagittarius. What a powerful opposition! Sagittarius, the archer, points you in the direction of your highest self, sees the potential of every idea before you even express it, and gifts you with the heated impulse to take action and move toward the manifestation of each goal. Gemini separates, and analyzes, and stands for rationality. Gemini lines up the facts while Sagittarius sees the big picture. This Full Moon can open the floodgates of what you are meant to express. If you’ve been feeling stuck, blocked, or worried about the state of your revenue, bask in the light of this Moon; its light can melt away all those blockages and move you right into flow.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is now in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, where it casts its benevolent glow on your awareness, your emotional reality, and your beautiful human craving to really know that all is well. The Gemini Moon is ruled by Mercury, which is now in Sagittarius as well. There’s an opening here to the new: new experiences, new ideas, new creations, new people. Name and own the lessons from Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio. Name them, own them, let them go, and move on.

This powerful Full Moon calls you to weave together the strands of your imagination, your intuition and your intellect. Embrace who you are in this now moment, claim what you believe, and own what you are here to learn, do and teach.

Take a look at your own astrology:

If you have planets or angles in 20–30º Sagittarius or Gemini, you may feel this Moon’s invitation more like “Um, yes, honey, you have no choice. Now is the time to express and create.” Personal note: This Moon aligns with my natal Mars in Sagittarius. I feel that arrow getting ready to be launched!

Winter Solstice 12/21, Sun enters Capricorn, 9:11 am Pacific

During each Solstice the Sun appears to stand still for three days before it changes direction. Each year as we enter this time of greatest darkness (in the North), we have the chance to go into our own inner darkness and rekindle our inner light that will illuminate everything we are ready to birth in the New Year.

A few more noteworthy bits (oh yes 2014 is going to be amazing!)

  • Venus, goddess of love, is slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde in Capricorn on December 21, calling you to regenerate and review your own Divine Feminine, in yourself and in your work. Her upcoming (apparent) reversal is contributing to the seasonal slowing of momentum — the desire to turn inward during these dark days, to reflect on your values and priorities, to reassess where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

    Where in your life are you feeling disconnected, unloved, or unworthy? Have you closed the door on pleasure? Capricorn rules personal responsibility, and Venus retrograde in Capricorn asks: Are you taking responsibility for your own needs, pleasure and sensual satisfaction (or are you projecting that responsibility onto someone else)? Taking responsibility for your pleasure and sensuality is a critical element of a healthy life. This is what you are really responsible for, the connection to pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment that comes from inside of you, that includes appreciation for yourself and your worth, and shines its love on all your relationships.

    Venus retrograde in Capricorn is not particularly well-suited to the socializing, over-spending insanity that our culture keeps telling us is the way to celebrate the return of the light. Capricorn offers you the pathway to solitude that soothes and enriches your heart and soul. Beyond loneliness, Venus in Capricorn invites you to take a more traditional approach to this most sacred time, and spend as much time as you like, as you can, in deep reflection, meditation, contemplation, and stillness.

  • Mars moved into the sign of Libra on December 7th, where it will stay for 6 months instead of the usual 6 weeks (including a retrograde from March 1st to May 19th). Mars guides your will, inspires your actions and desires. Mars will be become the fourth arm of the very potent cardinal grand cross (with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) in Spring 2014.
  • Uranus: A few hours after this Full Moon peaks on December 17th, Uranus ends its five-month retrograde period and goes direct in Aries. Uranus is all about freedom, awakening and change. The more you can go with it and be open to new experiences, the more you will benefit from Uranus in Aries offering you the chutzpah and resourcefulness to meet challenges as they come.

Suggestions for your Full Moon / Solstice working

In addition to divining and naming your theme for 2014, as I wrote about in last week’s blog, here is a suggested working for this Full Moon.

Be somewhere you can see the Moon, preferably on Monday or Tuesday night, when She’s the most full. Draw down Her light, invite Her into your heart. Spend some moments in this powerful receptivity.

Then ask… Maybe your question is listed below, maybe you have one of your own. Be willing to be surprised. Ask: At this moment, at the turn of the Solar year, please show me…

  • What do I need to release and heal in order to bring my most authentic, transparent and connected self to every bit of my work?
  • What I am supposed to work on next to be of service and fulfill my mission and purpose?
  • What can I do now to clear and air out the stuck places in my relationships?

One more suggested working: Starting on the 19th, and until the New Year, keep your journal by your bed and record your dreams upon awakening. Invite the Divine to illuminate you, to shine her light on what’s completing and what’s to come.

What was revealed to you in your Full Moon working? What have you learned from your dreams? Talk to me, let me know what’s opening up for you in the comments.


Gratitude, so much gratitude

  • I am grateful that my car is running again, and that it seems to have just been the need for a new battery, phew and double phew!
  • I am grateful for the love and compassion of my sisters in my circle
  • I am grateful for healing: healing foods, healing practices, healing love
  • I am grateful for patience and acceptance, qualities that are new to me in my life and that may in fact be saving my life
  • I am grateful for the laughter and love all around me

I love when you share your gratitude with me, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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  1. Thanks for  great article, Sue!

    I’m grateful for the infinite flow of the universe, for the sun shining outside and for the beautiful little petunias that I am about to plant. xx

  2. Loved this, Sue. I’ve been feeling almost giddy as we move up to this full moon. So much shifting and changing.

    Shortly after your post on the theme for 2014 the Divine dropped it down on me.


    So grateful for all the magical synchronicities lately.

    For returning energy and wholeness.

    As one of my bookmarks says, “There’s Magic Afoot”


  3. Hi Sue, I’m so excited for 2014! And sometimes I want to just skip over and get right to it ;)…but then I’m reminded that I need to remember ALL of the blessings of this current year and your post here is so useful for ways to do just that.  I love your question “What do I need to release and heal in order to bring my most authentic, transparent and connected self to every bit of my work?” – EVERY BIT of my work.  That hit me hard, and it is my desire. I’m going to be pondering that during this next powerful week.  Thank you xo

    • Cindie, I can really feel your heart in what you wrote. So happy you took the time to chime in.

      Full Moon blessings,

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