Giving thanks for you today / Intentional holiday spending

Gratitude for you on Thanksgiving Day

My love! I am so grateful for you. I’m grateful every time you share from your heart. I’m grateful to hear every beautiful audacious action you take in service to your passion. I’m grateful for your writing, your art, your poetry, your chutzpah that is so clear as you bring your gifts and dedication and reverence to everything you do. I’m grateful for our interactions. When we meet, when we talk by Skype or on the phone, when we collaborate, when we mentor each other, when we share each others’ gifts with the world. I am grateful for you! In this late autumn morning, sitting in the rays of the low-slanted sun, on this American Thanksgiving day, I give thanks for you. My heart is filled with gratitude.


Black Block Friday. Spending with intention.

This Black Friday thing (Shop! Save! Spend!) has been going on for a long time. According to Mental Floss, FDR actually moved Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the next-to-last Thursday to help lengthen the holiday shopping season. It’s been getting more and more insane intense year by year, hasn’t it? I understand some of the big box stores are opening at midnight Thanksgiving night. Sheesh. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and two big things stand out for me.

Thing One: Block Friday.

This is a brilliant idea. The folks at Holstee actually take their shop offline on the Friday after Thanksgiving and, instead, block the day to do something intentional and loving. Like spending time with loved ones. Like dancing. Like running off the big meal. Like getting cozy and reading and eating leftovers. Like… What calls you? What will you block out to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Can you make it a habit? Can you block out intentional time to express love, to be in nature, to rest, to read, to play, to dance, often? Your heart and soul — and smile! — deserve this block of time to appear early and often on your sacred calendar. Mix it in there with your work, and your obligations, and your intentional spending. Which brings us to…

Thing Two: Mindful and intentional spending.

Here’s my invitation to you. Forget about Black Friday. Ignore Cyber Monday. This year start something new. Start a sustainable way of doing your holiday spending.

  • Align your spending with your values. Spend money you already have, instead of incurring any new consumer debt for your holiday spending.
  • Think outside the [big] box. Shop local, support your local artisans, and make your own gifts! You’ve seen how people light up when you give them something you thought up, crafted, made. This year I’m making tooth powder—an alternative to toothpaste.
  • Plan what you’re going to spend and buy before you venture out to the stores. Bring the same powerful intentionality and balance you bring to your business spending to your holiday spending.

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Gemini/Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon window will be Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday of next week. The Sun has moved into Sagittarius now, and you may be feeling the expansive, forward-thrusting energy. Which you may feel as a refreshing change after the Scorpio energy of last month. This Sagittarius energy is an invitation to…

  • Bring new energy to what you’re creating (do you have a launch planned for your business for the New Year?)
  • Do some year-end planning. What actions are you taking to increase revenue in 2013?
  • Explore new vistas. Plan a trip. When’s the last time you spent a day at the beach?
  • Give yourself the gift of learning something new. Immerse yourself in that class you want to take, or that never-before attempted art project you feel called to make.

The Full Moon in Gemini/Lunar Eclipse itself can bring open up some light and bright energy, as long as we’re mindful to take the high road, to use Gemini’s lightness and laughter to heal and not to wound. The fact that Mercury is no longer retrograde (as of the 26th), and is now direct in Scorpio can add some penetrating insights and we can all use some of those to process the thoughts and feeling this lunar eclipse will bring to the surface.


How are you expressing gratitude, spending with intention, and easing into the Gemini Full Moon?

Please share a comment and let me know how you are enjoying the entry into the holiday season. Love! Want some support for bringing your most powerful intentionality to your holiday spending, your year-end planning, your new offers for 2013? Jump right over to my online calendar and book a Business Breakthrough Session with me. It’s free. It will energize and inspire you, and I’ll share resources that will support your most audacious passionate vision!

Photo credits: Heart-shaped rocks.  

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