Make and use a Goddess Box — it will hold your wishes and worries

There are many ways to bring the sacred and add ease to your life and your work.

Which is a really good thing because life can be busy and hectic and challenging, making a big toolbag a very nice thing to have.

As I develop the new and upleveled brand for Magnolias West (coming soon!), I’m finding myself stepping over, around, and through any perceived barriers between my spiritual practices and my work. I am refining my offers, as you will soon see, and bringing every Priestess quality I manifest in my life and work to the forefront.

[Inserting a slight side-note here] Just like what happened to the Wizard in the movie, Toto seems to be pulling the curtains back for me as well — more is being revealed to me and through me to you. It’s a bit scary (makes me feel even more tender and vulnerable than usual), and completely the next right thing for me to do in my work, in my being of service. More on this coming soon. Stick around, won’t you? [end of side-note]
Goddess box. It will hold your wishes and your worries.

I teach this in my work, as it’s been taught to me:

You can bring your best and highest — even if it may appear to some to be offbeat and weird — to your business, your work, and every part of your life.

One really good way to Priestess Your Life — to imbue every action with sacred intention — is to make and use a Goddess Box.

What’s a Goddess Box?

The Goddess Box is a container that will hold your wishes and your worries. It’s a way of handing those wishes and worries — could be anything you can’t resolve in this now moment — to the Divine. Doesn’t matter at all what name you use for the Divine — for me it’s Goddess. You might use God, or Allah, or Nature, or Source. Power tip: You don’t even have to believe in any particular kind of spiritual force. Really, just knowing that there’s something else besides you is all the opening you need for the Goddess Box to do its magic.

What this action of naming and then tucking away your wishes and worries gives you is a way to let go of that tortured idea that you have to solve this now — whatever this might be.

This releasing and surrendering idea is central to many spiritual techniques and practices.

  • Eckhardt Tolle calls it “living in the now.”
  • Meher Baba said, “do what you can and then don’t worry, be happy.”
  • Lindsay Wagner said “give what you have to give…and you let God handle the rest.”

Here are some wishes and worries you can put in your Goddess Box and let go of for now.

  • Thoughts about possible future outcomes of all sorts, including money, employment, and health
  • Anxiety about your children (or any family member) and the choices they make (probably accounts for more than 50% of anything I’ve ever given to the Goddess — “Here! you take her; I can’t solve this and I’m scared!”
  • Desire to improve your emotional vocabulary and balance, to be more positive and more loving even if/no matter what.

I’ve used my Goddess Box to:

  • Hold a draft of an angry email or text for three days. Each time I tried this, one of two things happened. Either the anger would dissipate and drift away and I’d forget the whole thing, or I’d take a look three days later and there would be an opening for me to reframe the communication in a more loving way — an opening that absolutely did not exist when I was in the heat of the anger.
  • Hold my desire to take a big trip or buy a big-ticket item when I didn’t have the money to do so. I could relax into that middle place between knowing that the wish wouldn’t be forgotten and trusting that a higher intelligence was sorting out the how and the when.

The Goddess Box is magical.

Your mind rests into the solidity of the gesture of writing down your wish or your worry on a sip of paper and tucking it into your Goddess Box. The restful ease comes from knowing that you don’t have to keep obsessing, that the Divine has got your back on this one.

You’ve written it down, whatever it is. You’ve given it structure. You’ve created sacred space for outcomes to unfold as they are meant to be.

When you add a Goddess Box to your sacred ritualized spiritual practice you add more even more quiet ease and peace to your mind and heart. More easy and peaceful because you won’t be so hung up in your worries; you’ll be more present, and more available to the magic of this now moment and the next.

Of course, you still take actions. You and the Divine, you’re a team. Take the actions, and rest in letting go of the results.

How to make a Goddess Box.

Couldn’t be easier. And it’s fun! Grab a box (I’ve used a shoe box, and I like the little pressboard boxes I can get for $1.99 at the local crafts stores too). Grab decorative bits. I’ve used images from magazines, paints, glitter (of course glitter!), markers, feathers, beads, and more. Set some intention to be shown what this box needs, and go to town. Make it beautiful. And you’re done!
Goddess box info

Or… if you’re going to be in the Bay Area on June 19th, join me for a Goddess Box Creativity Salon in my beautiful backyard on the harbor in Marina Bay.

No more than ten women, I supply all the materials, it will be so much fun. And hella sacred.

Sunday, June 19th, 1:30–5pm, $89 includes materials, $79 early-bird if registered and paid by 6/5/16. Download the info flyer here, or click or tap on the image to the right.

Have you made a Goddess Box? Does you feel called to create one? Tell me…let’s talk in the comments.

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  1. Love having a way to release ideas and worries to the universe. I have several boxes that I use for various reasons. I think I’m a little obsessed with boxes in general…I have a collection of vintage and interesting ones.

    • Hi Kellie, welcome.

      I have a few small things that I collect too (socks is one!) so I totally appreciate your love for boxes. Do you use one for this purpose yet?


    • Heather, I have found that by the time I take a second look at that angry draft, I have access to a more loving and less blaming voice. Which is very good, IMO.

      Blessed be.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Sue as I had one of these boxes in the past. I used an empty tissue box and placed prayers, worries and concerns inside of it handing it over to the Divine. I recently burned mine as a ceremonial letting go.

    • Lisa, ritually burning what you no longer need is so powerful! I do that all the time.

      In fact, my gratitude vase is filling up, and I’m envisioning just that ceremonial release when the time is right.

      Love and magic,

  3. Love this and I use the same only mine is called right now my Attraction box and have used it instead of a dream board- hence a Dream box. My anger and worries I hand over to my angels and have even put them in the freezer. Love Suzie xxx

    • Suzie, I love the freezer idea! I know people who put their credit cards in the freezer, although I have no idea what good that does, since you can just take the cards out any time. Me, I had to cut them up and throw them away in order to stop using consumer debt. But that’s another topic for another post.

      Blessed be,

    • Lisa, welcome here. You have a box you made? Awesome. I know I have so much fun making sacred art — I think you will too.

      Love and magic,

  4. My wheels are spinning, Sue, and I see how this idea would really serve me. I seem to keep all my wishes and worries…in my head…in my consciousness. I will create a lovely Goddess box and place them in there to let go and let come. Thanks so much for this lovely idea! xo

    • Beverley, so much better when we let this stuff out of our heads and lighten the load of what we carry. Go you! Enjoy.


  5. What a wonderful idea to tap into our intention and unload our worries, Sue. I normally journal my gratitude and wishlist and visualize angels taking my worries away but this is more proactive. I’m going to create my Goddess Box this weekend, Sue, and I have just the right box for it. Thanks for the tip.

    • Vatsala, How wonderful to read this! Enjoy making a box for yourself. And of course, I want to see photos of the creations inspired by this post.

      Blessed be.

  6. The workshop/salon you’re planning sounds like so much fun! (And it’s always great to add another tool to the toolbox.) I’m sure it will be wonderful.

    • Andrea, thanks. So far no registrations. If it’s meant to be it will happen. If it’s not meant to be, I get a beach day right before the Solstice! It’s a win all around. 🙂

      Love and light,

  7. This is such a wonderful idea. I have been handing these kind of things over to Source (energetically) when I can remember to be preset enough with myself, but having a physical representation like this would both be beautifully symbolic and make me more likely to remember that this kind of support is available to me. Thank you.

    • Julia, yup, that physical representation does a lot for me to hold space for the sacred in everything. For a priestess of my type (faced with so much to do and so much mundane-ity), I do better when I have objects and totems to support my highest intentions.


  8. June 19 is my birthday & i was wondering what can I do. I will make myself a Goddess Box. It reminds me of Taschlich , during the Jewish New Year, where we write our sins on paper & toss then in river or odeans, strams or flush down bowl if thats the only water you have. That act always feels like renewal & cleansing. I can’t wait now til June 19th. I have beads to use. Actually, I could mail you some. Would you like that? There is still time. Give me an address.

    • Roslyn, What a wonderful way to celebrate your almost-Solstice birthday! I’ll be doing the same on that day, so we can be in that creative sacred energy together.

      What a nice parallel you draw here — Taschlich. I love that!

      I’d love some beads! How sweet; thank you so much. 53 Sandpoint Drive, Richmond CA 94804

      In gratitude,

    • Thanks, Dana. I love that you can contemplate some creative time in the middle of unpacking (again!).

      Blessed be.

  9. I wasn’t familiar with a goddess box until I read your post. I usually don’t dwell on the negative things, but two recent incidents would have been perfect. I think I will create two for the positive thing and one for the negative things. Thanks for such a great suggestion.

    • Joyce, Or, you can keep it simple and create one for all the things.

      Make as many boxes as you like!

      Love and magic,

  10. A goddess box, what a beautiful idea Sue. I like the idea that it’s a holding place for actions that need more settling and thought before being done.

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