Good branding can look like magic — Join the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge

Branding can look like magic, but it’s more than just smoke and mirrors.

Branding takes more than just waving a wand (damnit!) 🙂

Branding takes work. If your beautiful logo and shiny website are gonna do the job for you, if they’re gonna be a beacon for your just-right clients, your logo and website need a strong foundation. That foundation is your brand story. Join me in the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge and get the clarity your conscious business deserves.

When you build your beautiful visual brand elements on a thought-out, unique-to-you, real, authentic brand story, you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. It might look like magic, but the magic takes work.

The Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge is coming soon

When your words, your images, and your messages resonate with the heart of your just-right clients, your brand becomes resonant.

Build a strong, sustainable, prosperity-inducing brand story by joining me in the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge.

Because this, sister: When your just-right clients see your tent in the market, and they feel called to find out more, they lift the flap, peek in, enjoy the feeling of being in the right place. Relaxed, welcomed, they kick off their shoes, grab a cup of your most delicious brew, and hang out for awhile (as in become subscribers, spread the word to their friends who need your unique solutions, and buy your stuff).

You know why they recognize your tent, look in, and enter? Because you’ve made them feel heard, recognized, understood, and loved. Because they feel at home. That’s what a solid brand story does for you.

Something’s brewing in my creative cauldron.

I’m inviting you to make magic with me in the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge, a five-day branding experience starting December 5th in which you’ll uncover the magic of your unique brand story.

I went through a rebrand for my own business — Magnolias West — this year. It was quite a journey (as you can see in the Anatomy of a Rebrand series of blog posts here, here, here, here, here, and here). I was moved to take this on because over the previous year or more I hadn’t been getting the clients I wanted to help into my practice. Revenue sucked. My branding wasn’t calling in my just-right clients.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is challenging, and I took myself on the same kind of journey I offer my clients. I asked myself the questions that led me to a new level of clarity about the Who, the What, and the Why of my business. Who do I help? What do I offer/use/teach? Why do I do this? These elements, woven together, became the foundation for the Magnolias West 3.0 brand story.

Join me in the Priestess Your Brand UnChallenge and learn the Who, What, and Why of your own conscious business.

You’ll end up with usable, scalable, and sustainable ideas and concepts that you can weave together into a strong and completely unique brand story. A good brand story is what helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Join us and uncover the Who, What, and Why of your brand story. Starts December 5th.

And the best part? It’s completely free to join us. My goal is to help hundreds of business women just like to to unlock the magic in your brand story. Registration details are here, see you in the UnChallenge!

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Lively conversation!

    • Sue says

      Reba, thanks! The UnChallenge will be awesome, hope to see you there. The website is coming along. I wish I didn’t find three more things to fix every time I turn around. Oh well. Always something with which to tinker.

  1. Julia says

    I love the way you describe this:

    “Relaxed, welcomed, they kick off their shoes, grab a cup of your most delicious brew, and hang out for awhile (as in become subscribers, spread the word to their friends who need your unique solutions, and buy your stuff).

    You know why they recognize your tent, look in, and enter? Because you’ve made them feel heard, recognized, understood, and loved. Because they feel at home. That’s what a solid brand story does for you.”

    You make marketing and developing a brand sound like tremendous fun! While I might not have an online business to brand, you have still enticed me to take your challenge!

    • Sue says

      Julia, you will get a ton out of the UnChallenge even absent an online brand. Here’s why: The principles I teach and share about branding come from many sources, including personal branding: integrity; walking your talk; thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that’s consistent with your values.

      Every exercise and piece of wisdom I share can be applied to how you present yourself, your choices, and your actions. Also to your career, your family, and your relationships.

      See you in the UnChallenge!

  2. Marquita Herald says

    First of all, I have to tell you that every time I visit your site seeing your toes up there on the banner makes me smile! Oh, I am SO tempted to join your workshop Sue but I’m already stretched trying to accomplish a couple of important goals by the end of the year and I need to stay focused since there’s lot of “first time” stuff so there will no doubt be few surprises. I’m happy to share though because I have no doubt it will be wonderful!

    • Sue says

      Marty, I think the UnChallenge will take 15–30 minutes a day for five days. I’d love to have you join us.

      If not, there will be more coming soon; this is fun.

      I gotta say, I love seeing that photo as well. Makes me wonder though if any of my blog readers have checked out the other pages. I have a different photo in each main header. Hopefully you’ll see them sometime! The socks even make another appearance!


  3. Suzie Cheel says

    I love you new brand and how we have walked side by side on the journey both to emerge with bold brands that will challenge some. I love you idea of the challenge, this is more synchronicity as i will be running my focus on abundance challenge that same week xxoo

    • Sue says

      Sorry for the reply delay Suzie (and Vatsala); this head injury slowed me down!

      Wow you and I really landed up on similar paths this year! I love this synchronicity.

  4. Vatsala Shukla says

    I’d love to join your challenge, Sue, if I am able to find the right window of time – I’m preparing to run a challenge for my list during the same period based on their survey results . This brings me to the point that a good brand makes potential customers and followers feel that they belong. I feel I’m getting there after viewing the responses where 90% of respondents ranked 1 area that they need most help with (which is my core offering) and these respondents also preferred the same topic for the challenge even though the subject was different from the 1 they need help with immediately (which is a benefit that I guarantee) . It all ties up.!

    • Sue says

      Vatsala, please do join in. This will be easy to manage — up to maybe 30 minutes a day for five days. I’d love to get to know you better. And for your challenge, I’m interested to see what you come up with.

      And like I did above with Suzie, I apologize for the long delay in replying. Funny how a little concussion can slow you down.

      Blessed be.

  5. Beverley Golden says

    What I love most is that you have “been through the eye of the needle” as the saying goes and are sharing what you learned on your own journey. Although I would love to join you, I am just finishing a 7-week 3-day a week social art intensive and really need some time to decompress and digest what the process has brought me. I will stay tuned for the future opportunities and hope to join in then! I know you’ll attract the perfect tribe of people for this inaugural UnChallenge, Sue, and wish you and all the participants a fabulous five days…and beyond.

    • Sue says

      Beverley, thanks for letting me know. That social art intensive sounds like it was a powerful experience. There will be more UnChallenges coming up. I think it’s a great tool for community and business building.

      Blessed be.

  6. Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos says

    I agree with you, branding is so important because it is how we make our first impression i business. And yes, it does take time and energy. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make it all perfect, but unfortunately that only happens in Harry Potter. Love your blog.

    • Sue says

      Kathleen, thank you! That means a lot to me; back at’cha sister, I love what you bring to the world. Healing, powerful, badass.

      I just filled out the Be Kat’s Guest form on your website; looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

      Blessed be.

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