Gratitude, and an invitation

Sharing my gratitude with you

  • I am grateful for gorgeous weather
  • I am grateful for the abundant food of May: cherries, asparagus, snap peas
  • I am grateful for the sisters of choice, and that we are on a shared spiritual path
  • I am grateful for Mother’s Day love to and from my daughter
  • I am grateful for early morning yoga class on Sunday morning
  • I am grateful that I enjoy 6:30 am wakeups on Sundays — that’s a huge change
  • I am grateful for willingness to try something new for the next month, a different way to be with food, and see what that does for my health
  • I am grateful that I get to retreat to Harbin Hot Springs tomorrow for an overnight retreat, complete with hot stones massage and a watsu — yum!
  • I am grateful for good books. Right now I’m reading Colin Cotterill’s Siri Paiboun series — excellent!
  • I am grateful for the soul retrieval work I am doing with the help of a shaman

So much gratitude!

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  1. Well done! I like how I can really feel your gratitude and be with you on your journey in such a short paragraph…wow I write muuuuuch longer posts… I need to shorten them perhaps : ) Great article, thank you for sharing what you are grateful for I feel that I know you and want to go to the spa with you! Love, Danielle

    • Thank you, Danielle! I feel like I know you too! Love when that happens.

      Harbin Hot Springs was amazing. I can still feel the goodness.

      Maybe we can go together next time.

      Oh, and some of my posts run really long…stick around and see. Or subscribe. 🙂

      Love and light,

  2. I love all of the gratitude Sue! Gratitude is such a wonderful way to pay attention to the things that make us happy:) I have a gratitude buddy and we email each other every day with 3 things we’re grateful for. It’s a nice ritual.

    Happily I will not unsubscribe, as I just discovered you and your lovely blog:) xoxo, Tia

    • Tia, I am so grateful that you are going to stick around. I love being in conversation with you. And happy and honored to meet another grateful one.

      Love and light,

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