Ancestors, gratitude, and an offer. Or two…

Are you hearing, feeling, remembering your ancestors?

Lately I’ve been feeling the presence of my departed parents. Very closely. I dreamt this morning, just before dawn, of my father. In my dream, I was packing up to leave. Emotionally wrought. And, in a way that rarely happened in our lives together, my dad came up to me and handed me some things I might need to take with me. In loving silence.

I am cloaked in this feeling of my father’s love now in the early morning as I write this.

dancingcalaveraWe’re coming up on Beltaine—the first of May—the pagan festival that honors new life and growth. It’s said that the veils between the worlds are thinnest around Beltaine, just as they are at Samhain time at the end of October. (We’re more used to thinking of our beloved dead at Samhain time, with all its attendant symbols of skulls, and skeletons, and coffins, but here at the opposite spot on the Wheel of the Year, the veils thin again.)

Celebrate the thinning of the veils.

Spend some time at your ancestors altar, or create one. Display some photographs. Eat a meal, listen to music, that they loved. Talk to people you know who also remember them. Sink into your gratitude. What is remembered, lives.

How do you honor your ancestors, precious? Join the conversation in the comments.


I am grateful this morning

  • I am grateful for appreciation for my gifts and purpose
  • I am grateful for this quiet early morning writing time
  • I am grateful for friends and recreation
  • I am grateful that I answered my body’s and my soul’s deep need for a weekend of very little work—that I was able to answer the call to recharge
  • I am grateful for time barefoot in the garden, feeling the warm dirt on my toes, pulling weeds
  • I am grateful to be invited to mingle in my neighbor’s party, to socialize and eat good food in the gardens
  • I am grateful for warm eggs from the chicken coop
  • I am grateful for my kind of feel-good movie. Loved 42, the Jackie Robinson story

Those offers I mentioned…

I don’t usually offer my services to you on my blog and newsletters, treasured ones. Today I am doing so, and my offers come from a place of sharing my gifts, my purpose, with you. This now moment may be exactly the right moment to schedule a talk with me, to lean into the possibility of our collaboration. In which case, yay, let’s get it scheduled.

Offer #1
Have you been thinking about your brand and your website?

  • Have you been thinking about how you can weave your beautiful gifts and offers into your marketing language, your brand, your look, so that the people you are meant to serve know that they’ve landed up in the right place?
  • Do you want to create a website that is a beautiful welcome mat welcoming red carpet to exactly the clients you want in your business, your practice, your life?
  • Do you want to have your open-hearted invitation to share your gifts with your tribe lovingly visible in every bit of your branding?

Lucky you! In exactly three weeks, two days, and seven hours, I will have completed the two websites I’m working on now, and will be ready to begin our sacred collaboration, working on your heart-centered branding and website project. Drop me a line or fill out and submit the form on the Unmask Your Brand page, and we’ll get your no-fee Discernment Session scheduled.


Offer #2
Ready to get some powerful support?

  • Are you ready to define and clarify the mission and purpose of your business, and take the actions to integrate them with your marketing, programs and offers? Want to take ownership of the real meaning of integrity, and make that integrity the foundation of having a business that works, serves your ideal clients, and makes a profit?
  • Do you want to establish and maintain an effective social marketing strategy that grows your list, your tribe and your bottom line? Ready to learn how to write inviting and practice-building copy for your website, blog and email newsletters?
  • Would you like to learn the secret to mastering your energy with time, money and clutter (of both the physical and mental varieties)? Want to identify your Self-Love program of activities, and design your lifestyle balance so that you are fully supported in every action you take?

Again, lucky you! I have two coaching openings starting in May. Drop me a line or fill out and submit the form on the Share Your Magic page, and we’ll get your free Discernment Session scheduled.


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