Gratitude — and mortification — Monday 1/2/12

The last time I went after this contract with the city of Oakland for as-needed graphic design I was mortified that I didn’t get the award.


I was (am) such a good fit for this contract. Print and brand and web design work in support of the city’s public works agency’s green and sustainability programs. I mean, duh, really? This is what I do.

I was disqualified last time because I didn’t submit seven copies of my portfolio samples; I only submitted one (which I still swear I was told would be okay; it is humbling to recall this and to tell the truth about this!).

Now it’s come ’round again, and I am showing up for this. Reading and rereading the oh-so-many details. Trying so hard to get it right this time. I’m an artist, dammit; RFP proposal writing is not exactly in my wheelhouse.

Getting it done, I’m getting it done.

Printed fifteen pages of portfolio samples (this time I need three samples, five of each; check!). Glued them to boards, which are now sitting on the table with books weighing them down (hopefully they’ll look well glued and uncreased with no air bubbles when I look at them again in a couple of days).

I discovered something today: In the past we used our heavy stock-photography books to weigh down spray-mounted boards. Uh, we don’t have those any more, I’m sure no one does; all the stock photography samples are online. Don’t have a nice heavy dictionary any more either. That’s online too. So there is a downside to living an online life, I guess.

Now on to my specialty (one of them, anyhow): finding gratitude even in mortification.

  • I am grateful for doing my very best job on this proposal
  • I am grateful for a sense of humor, saves my ass in so many ways!
  • I am grateful for my sister’s exquisite taste—love the Georgia O’Keefe calendar now hanging on my wall
  • I am grateful for the gorgeous printouts I get from my 8-color inkjet printer
  • I am grateful that my sore tooth is only *this* sore and not *that* sore!
  • I am grateful for the money that allows me to take good care of myself and my things. And my teeth.
  • I am grateful for my gratitude challenge buddies. We are a powerfully group of grateful ones!
  • I am grateful for friends who love me
  • I am grateful for having interesting things to ponder (a ritual theme of Courtesy, hmmmm….)
  • I am grateful for ways to stay warm on chilly days

Sending blessings radiating to all.

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