Gratitude as the Equinox approaches

springflowersSeatbelts fastened?

The Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday

Wednesday is the Equinox, 4am hereabouts (SF Bay Area). The beginning of the astrological year. This is a powerful pivot point in the wheel of the year. This last month, Pisces presented the invitation to go deep, to lean into whatever needed to be resolved—or at least looked at—in your heart, in your psyche, in those secret corners of your soul. It’s a kind of housecleaning we get to do before we step into the fiery new energy of Aries. A spiritual clearing of the decks.

I love looking at how this kind of thing appears in other traditions. This time of year, observant Jews search their homes for breadcrumbs—chometz, any traces of leavened products, before celebrating the festival of Passover. I like the deep thread that runs through this, connecting cultures and practices.

The Equinox is that sacred balance point, the day of equal amounts of darkness and light. That sacred moment of completion, of turning from review and recollection into action and implementation of the next right powerful steps of your goals and visions.

And lucky for us, Mercury turns direct on the 18th, adding more ease to our direction and clarity and motion forward. I for one am doing a happy dance; this last Mercury retrograde kicked butt in a big way.

What will you do to mark this turn of the wheel?

I’m planning a simple ritual. I’m going to get my hands on some green beads, or green glass bits, or some shiny green stuff. And I’m going to spend some time outside, planting my “seeds” in the dirt, or in the crotch of some tree branches, or around the garden. These seeds are markers for my intentions for this upcoming season of growth. Intentions for my business. Intentions for my health. Intentions for my relationships.

“Our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” —Albert Einstein

And you, gorgeous, how are you going to mark the Equinox? Please share in the comments.

I am a grateful woman.

I am grateful to have met Ann Riley, a shaman, and I am grateful that even though I have a healthy dose of skepticism, I still could allow myself to recognize the resonance I felt with her and say Yes to doing some soul retrieval work.

Ann: I think you might have had some soul fragmentation in your life.

Me: Really? Let’s see: raped when I was 18, 22 years of drug addiction, inability to bear a child (Rose is adopted), 18 years in a cult… Ya think there has been some fragmentation? I’m down, when can we start?

willowI am grateful for a beautiful beautiful day. From yoga at 8:30 this morning, to the farmers market (I took this photo at the market today), to some time visiting with neighbors, to a gorgeous (and a little too strenuous) hike with my sister in the Oakland hills, to meditation and spiritual homework with a classmate. Just gorgeous.

I am grateful for time with my sister in general. What a rich, loving, laughing, compassionate connection we have.

I am grateful for grilled asparagus. I will be saying this for weeks. Please get used to it. Please grill some asparagus, then you will understand. 🙂

I am grateful for love expressed freely, even if I’m unclear about how it is received. (Not my job, yo.)

I am grateful for being invited to showcase my new website and the one I just launched for my climate-change specialist–client at my WordPress Meetup group today. Very nice, and received well too!

I am grateful for my daughter Rose calling me when she needs advice. Still new in our relationship, and it knocks me off my feet!

I am grateful that it’s time to have my dinner.

What moves you to gratitude today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. I love this post! So beautiful and honest. I love celebrating the equinox and will most probably go outside to meditate on letting go of all the no longer serves me so I can open up to the new. I’m trying to live a BIG life where I take small or big steos towards growing some more whenever I am being nudged by spirit to do more work in this world.
    I am SO grateful for living my soul’s purpose. I do intuitive readings and help people connect and communicate with their spirit guides and I love this work. Every day is a blessing. I am also very grateful for sunshine, spring coming soon, my children, husband and amazing friends and souls sisters. There is so much to be grateful for I could go on forever ha, ha!
    Big hugs, Karina

  2. As I feel the culmination of this Pisces time with some broad awarenesses coming through regarding dusty bits in my soul, I too am grateful for the lessons AND ready for Mercury to turn.
    Thank you for the reminder to mark the Equinox. As things speed up in my building of business in the 3D world it will feel good to mark this shift.
    Today I am grateful for sunshine streaming in my windows while I cozy up and listen to the wind howl. It doesn’t look like a snow day, with the sun sparkling the snow, but it’s wicked windy out there!

    • christijarland I love that—”the dusty bits in your soul”! Beautiful.
      May the warmth in your heart keep you sheltered from the wicked winds.
      Love and blessings,

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