Gratitude challenge week 12

“Gratitude is really a choice. It doesn’t depend on circumstances or genetic wiring or something that we don’t have control over. It really becomes an attitude that we can choose that makes life better for ourselves and for other people.”
—Robert Emmons, Professor of Psychology at the University of CA, Davis

Gratitude is a blessing in my life.

  • I’m grateful today for my new printer. It arrived today, as promised (!), and with Robert’s help (bless Robert for every second of his generous help for almost 20 years now!) it got set up and is working beautifully. It’s a few inches wider than the last one and I’m very grateful that it fits (just!) on the shelf.
  • I’m very grateful that it uses even better inks than the last printer, which is going to make printing photos and art pieces mo bettah!
  • I’m grateful for the friendly tech support the folks at Canon gave me today. Everything that needed explaining got explained. Yay! (Especially since the manual is pretty sparse.)
  • I’m grateful for the beautiful cool sunny weather this week. Today’s walk was just beautiful!
  • I’m grateful that on today’s walk I successfully made it up a steep hill. I’ve been so easily exhausted lately, after so many months of chronic diarrhea, and today I challenged that. Yes I took a few breaks on my way up the hill. And yes, I made it! Woohoo!
  • I’m grateful that I have delicious food to cook and eat.
  • I’m grateful that I got to get a few minutes with my sister today, and then walk the farmers market in the sunshine.
  • I’m grateful for the healthy tamale I bought for my lunch at the market.
  • I’m grateful for finally(!) making my decision (I think). I’m going to buy a Blendtec so I can try my experiment of juicing one meal a day and see if my body has an easier time digestin.
  • I’m very grateful for workout videos online for when I don’t get to the gym.
  • I’m grateful to read inspiring heart-centered soulful writers every day.
  • I’m grateful for generosity. For freely giving without regard for what I get in return. That’s new. Different. Liberating.
  • I’m very grateful for my AA home group. For the steps and for all the other juicy transformational tools and support to be found there.
  • I’m grateful to have marked 21 years clean and sober this month. That’s a lotta days, yo.

From the Gratitude Challenge group:

Belinda: “…When I was in a discouraged space about the purpose of my life at this time, A. said that I was inspiring in the way I was taking on the challenge of making a new life for myself – also she said something about making art out of messes…” and “I am more and more willing to say out loud comments and emotions that I’m not sure of. These are not planned remarks I don’t know what I’m saying until it is out of my mouth, and I don’t always remember what I said afterwards.”

Amanda: “my first real paycheck in 8 years”

Barbara: “today I am grateful to the amazingly beautiful produce I have available for my meals” and “today I am grateful for the beautiful day and the nice walk I took with the dog”

Thanks for sharing your blessings with me!

Picture credit from this beautiful blogpost full of gratitude!

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