Gratitude challenge week 13

“ The highest level of vibration a human can achieve is generated by gratitude.” — Peter Scott Stringham, speaker and seminar leader

  • I am a grateful woman.
  • I am grateful for finding the right and perfect cleanse for myself. I begin on April 9th, a week from Monday.
  • I am grateful that I already eat a remarkably healthy diet, so that I won’t be struggling with giving up too many foods. For the three weeks, the foods I will be avoiding that I normally eat include pork, beef, gluten, white rice (I don’t eat much of the last two, but there goes the occasional dim sum and chow fun!) and any added sugars. And two more, the ones that will be the toughest to release: strawberries and bananas. I’ve been eating strawberries every day lately. And bananas do their part to sweeten those green drinks, don’t they? Luckily I can add some coconut and other fruit.
  • I am grateful for my new BlendTec blender, the tool that will allow me to do a lot of blending of super healthy drinks now and during my cleanse and afterwards!
  • I am grateful for all this rain. Yay! Although I’d sure like to get in the garden, already!
  • I am grateful for friendships, and for circling back to old cherished friends. Seeing Eva again, after so many years. The friendship I’m developing — again — with David. Nice.
  • I am grateful for the Mastermind group that’s forming. As I am also grateful for Heart of Business, a miracle in my life and in my business development.
  • I am grateful for my loving friend Jenny who takes the time to give me the feedback I need and on which I thrive. True love…
  • I am grateful for my daily walks. And for the concept of conditions of enoughness, so that if I miss one or two a week, I don’t get stressed about it.
  • I am grateful for the great fitness classes at my gym, and for the community of fit folk that also attend.
  • I am grateful to be toasty warm inside listening to the wind and the rain.
  • I am grateful for long soaks in the tub and good books to read.
  • I am grateful for positive thinking.
  • I am grateful for knowing how to make a world-class matzo brei. I will be making two this week, one for ritual Saturday night and one for lunch at my sister’s on Sunday. Happy Passover!
  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I am grateful for SmartWool socks. Seriously.
  • I am grateful for a night at home, writing and appreciating all that is.

Blessed be!

From the gratitude challenge group:

Barbara: for feeling really good the vast majority of the day

Belinda: I’m grateful for good relations and food exchanges among neighbors here recently: oranges from next door, lettuce etc from downstairs neighbor, lemons from new upstairs neighbor….. just feels , well, neighborly in a good old sense.

Amanda is grateful for us, the Gratitude Challengers!


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