Gratitude Challenge week 16: What am I grateful for today?

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” —Kahlil Gibran

Wow that’s a beautiful quote, isn’t it? I am calling this one my favorite so far, of the 16 we’ve seen.

I love Gibran. Quite a few of my life’s ah-ha moments have been delivered through his work. Those of you who are parents may find this one landing with a plop in your heart. Of course, I first related to it when I was rebelling against my parents’ authority. Hooboy I wanted them to wise up. Let’s start with this:

I am grateful I’m not that teenager any more.

I am grateful that I have learned some lessons in life.

I am grateful for the healing that is working in every cell of my body.

I am grateful for the replacement compressor in my car. I now have chilly and satisfying A/C! And it’s over 80º today.

I am grateful that I could find the $1,070 to pay for this repair.

I am speechlessly grateful that Custom Paper sent me $130 to defray the cost of my printer replacement. The seed-impregnated paper I got from them killed my inkjet printer. Still shaking my head in amazement.

I am grateful for the bucolic weather and for anticipating the afternoon in the garden tomorrow.

I am grateful for the seeds shared by Max, who has a beautiful garden and chickens nearby, and who gives away much of his bounty.

I am grateful for friends.

I am grateful for repairing my beloved cleaver. I don’t have to replace it! Here’s a tip: If your cleaver gets old, and the blade starts to wiggle in the handle (bad!), jam some toothpicks dipped in wood glue into the excess space and then break the toothpicks off flush with the blade. Worked a treat! Yay!

I am grateful for this gratitude practice. Writing these words and finding these images, and sharing them with you—powerful stuff.

And I am so glad for the Gratitude Challenge Community. From this week’s mailbag, from the mundane to the profound, and all stops along the way:

From Helen:

  • I am grateful for a safe journey back to my house
  • I am grateful that there wasn’t much traffic on the road
  • I am grateful that my box set of Almodovar films arrived in time so I could watch some this weekend

Sonia is grateful that “I’m healthy and strong”


  • That I was able to be there for A and for C this week when they both broke down by just holding them and letting them cry;
  • That the lightening and thunderstorm on Thursday night was the best storm I have seen in 32 years (and there has only been one other that even was in the running);
  • That I was able to take in the joy of that storm while I understood that it was from being in a nice warm house that allowed me to love it, and that we’re I homeless my experience of that storm would have been different


  • Completing a triathlon this morning and for the beautiful weather.  They predicted storms, but the weather was perfect!
  • Feeling strong during the tri and motivated to continue
  • Getting to cuddle up, relax, and watch a movie this afternoon with nothing that needs to get done

Mary Jane:

  • I’m grateful I feel things so deeply. Sometimes the pain seen almost unbearable, but the wonder and joy also live in the unfathomed space.
  • I’m grateful for the compassion I feel for anyone whose heart is hurting, for whatever reason.
  • I’m grateful for you Sue, Dear One, who I have never met. But we reach out to each other in gratitude – what a holy encounter. You are so cool. Thank you for doing this.


  • that my husband is the driver so I can nap (or write my gratitudes)
  • for lovely lunch in a sunny garden


  • I am grateful for the wonderful letter of gratitude I received from Nancy.
  • I am grateful for the combination of good weather, fairly healthy body and being able to follow through on my intention—to do a little gardening.  Some by me, some by the kid up the street—and I’m grateful that he was available!

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