Gratitude challenge week 17

(this time the quote’s from me! teehee…)

“Expressing gratitude causes a fundamental change for the better in my thoughts and words and actions. And because I know from experience that today’s gratitude won’t help me tomorrow, I have embraced a nearly daily practice of writing my gratitudes and sharing them with others.”  — Sue Kearney, personal/business coach and graphic designer

Hello, my gratitude peeps! Keeping it simple on this gorgeous Saturday. I want to be outside!! I am grateful that I live in California where I get to have gorgeous sunshine so much of the year. I am grateful—privileged—that I am a priestess in such a sweet juicy and powerful tribe of women.

Last night’s Oshun ritual was, I think, the most powerful ritual I have ever experienced. I got to drum and play with three amazing guest priestess drummers. Wow! Powerful.

I am grateful that the ritual, the dancing, the singing, the devotion, were so amazing. It’s rare—for me—to be so fully in my heart and body (and not in my critical monkey mind) for nearly the entire time at ritual. Wowowowow!

I am grateful for the dancing and enactments of Kris Freewoman. If you can do a workshop with her, give yourself that gift. Or buy one of her amazing offerings. You will be glad you did!

I am grateful for the smiles and hugs of my sisters in my tribe.

I am grateful for getting to play a set of bells like you see here for the first time. I love this way of making joyful noise, the way I can syncopate and add to the rhythms. I want one! High on my list for a gift for myself.

I am grateful for waking up to lovenotes on Twitter. Yay.

I am grateful for my three-week cleanse being almost over (ends tomorrow).

I am grateful that I am going to continue eating this way, adding back just a few things (strawberries for one, sweet potatoes for another).

I am grateful for the state of my garden. Little seedlings everywhere!

I am grateful for two new women joining the gratitude challenge group this week. How lucky am I to be immersed in so much gratitude!

I am grateful for a call from my daughter, and for loving her through her changing circumstances. I am grateful for empathy and compassion, and how I can express it and feel it land like a soft loving cloak on the person receiving it.

I am grateful that I got to have articles posted (as a guest author) on Mark Silver’s Heart of Business blog and on Jenny Bones’ Up Your Impact Factor blog. This is a big deal, yo.

I am grateful that I can offer coaching with me on a pay-what-you-can open contribution basis. What a beautiful way to share from my heart to yours. Ooh a little self-promotion is creeping in. Time for me to stop!! 🙂

From the Gratitude Challenge group this week:

Lana (welcome!): 
I’m grateful for people who remind me to be grateful.

Andrea (welcome to you too!): 
I am grateful that my daughter is one more day clean and heroin free (from Sue: I feel this in my heart, I’ve been there — both sides — and I send you lots of love and compassion)

Feel good now, depression lifted from this morning

A wonderful day with my baby girl and friends

Getting to Skype with my boyfriend in Afghanistan today and that’s he safe and unharmed

I am grateful that I have a home. I am grateful that I have a job.

I found this beautiful Oshun image on the Sistah Goddess website

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