Gratitude challenge week 22

I am so grateful! Seriously…

  • I am grateful for the first zephyr zucchini, which I ate the other day (just picked the second one). And I am smugly gratified…the first one was ready less than 30 days after planting (the sign said 54 days when I bought it)! The zephyr variety is extremely delicous.
  • I am grateful for potatoes from the garden. A new favorite for me: zucchini and potatoes cooked quickly. Yum.
  • I am grateful for a visit with my daughter and her beloved yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in nearly four months. I am so so happy that I got to spend time with her and that she’s doing so well.
  • I am grateful for running into my sister at the farmers market Friday and today. Nice to have her in my life, nice that our lives move in so many similar circles.
  • I am grateful for willingness. (Sigh.) I am willing to stop eating fruit for a few weeks so I can see if it actually helps my digestion. They say this bug that has encamped in my belly likes all kinds of sugar; time to release release release!
  • I am grateful for time spent with my priestess sisters Friday night. Although I was feeling really not-so-great, and didn’t have much to give, I was so happy to be able to show up and bask in the love.
  • I am grateful for priestessing at ritual last night at Grove of Artemis. Full Moon ritual, celebrating fidelity and the Goddess Ma’at.
  • I am grateful for the Grove of Artemis team. How lucky am I to work with such amazing women in worship and celebration.
  • I am grateful for sunshine; the days growing longer and longer. This is a precious time of year for me.
  • I am grateful for WaterSongLine. The international gathering of women to pray for the earth’s waters. There are groups gathering all over the world on Tuesday (during the Venus transit of the Sun). Look for a group near you here. Or if you’re nearby in the East Bay, join us here.
  • I am grateful for the Mother of the New Time project. The Full Moon is tomorrow, and I will be anointing my stone and joining my prayers with many other women, uniting our powerful intentions for the birthing of a new and higher consciousness for women and thereby for us all.

Let’s check in with the Gratitude Challenge team.

Belinda: “I’m grateful to pick up my new glasses and be able to see clearly to drive– finally, after 6 weeks of double vision.  Ahh, thank you.” “I am grateful to be in the Awakening Joy course.  The meeting this week encouraged me again.”

Theresa: “Reading these gratitude emails and just welling up with emotion and a sense of connection”

Sonia: “My parents are still alive.” “Found a great new healthy food item at the health food store, Kelp noodles” [Sue’s note: sounds delicious!]

Barbara: “Today I am grateful that we have so many friends who love us”

Blessings, all! Love and light…


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    •  @LisaFLloyd Same to you, Lisa! Glad you like it.
      Just got back from marking the moment at Baker Beach, and creating flower mandalas. Posting now…

  1. Hi Sue:
    I saw your blog on the WCWW3 page.  Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for all the bounty that surrounds us and for our connection to the great and wise feminine.  Blessings always.

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