Gratitude Challenge week 23

“A consciousness of gratitude is the ‘on’ switch that channels joy into our lives.”
—Peter Bolland, Author, Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern College in CA

  • I am grateful today for homemade remedies, right now I have a face mask drying on my face mixed with my friend Iris’ pink rose toner. Yum!
  • I am grateful for my relationship to food. This morning I put up a batch of sauerkraut. Three heads of cabbage, salt, grated ginger. That’s it. It will be ready on Thursday because I have the best ‘kraut maker in the world.
  • I am grateful for the greens I cooked this morning that came out of my garden. Two kinds of spinach, four or five kinds of kale, chard, beet greens and more. Sautéed quick with shiitake mushrooms.
  • I am grateful for a movie on TV right now—Blue in the Face—that has Harvey Keitel, Lou Reed, Jim Jarmusch, Roseanne and more, all improvising dialog and singing the praises of Brooklyn. Makes me so happy!
  • I am grateful for Thursday’s visit to Muir Woods with Pixie. So beautiful.
  • I am grateful for a compassionate MD and for including her in the truth of my health situation.
  • I am grateful for the slow and steady growth of my community; the women who read and comment on this blog, and who bring their sacred and beautiful truth to our conversations.
  • I am grateful for my sisters loving attention.
  • I am grateful that I’ve decided to downgrade my gym membership (letting go of regular access to Pilates machines, sad), frugality rocks.
  • I am grateful that I live near chickens. They make me laugh, they give me eggs, they eat my kitchen scraps. Nice.
  • I am grateful that my dear friend Ladybug is visiting from LA and that I’ll get to see her today!
  • I am grateful that I got to see parts of two Yankees-Mets games this weekend and that the Yanks won them both. This makes me happy.
  • I am grateful for daily meditation practice. This also makes me happy.
  • I am grateful for my connection with my neighbors. Some nice friendships here.

Wow, it seems like there are only two of the GC community writing gratitudes this week…Too bad, I found out a long time ago that today’s serenity doesn’t come from yesterday’s expression of gratitude. Just sayin’…

Let’s have a look.

From Sonia:

It was a beautiful day with terrific weather

The AAA guy who helped me when my car battery died. I was not left stranded

From Barbara:

Today I am grateful for the amazing moonrise and full moon last night

Today I am grateful for knowing that a yummy breakfast awaits me

Blessed be, yo.


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