Gratitude challenge week 25…

Almost halfway done with this year of gratitude!

“Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.” — Brother David Steindl-Rast

Wow! Almost half the year done… I have a special request for my Gratitude Challenge community.

This week, in your gratitude emails, please answer these questions at the bottom of your beautiful gratitude statements. I’d like to compile your answers in next week’s post, at the halfway mark.

A half year of gratitude

1. The top three effects I feel from regular gratitude practice are _________, __________, and __________.

2. Writing my gratitude has had some unexpected results. Here’s one: ______________

3. I plan to continue this practice even when the year comes to a close, because ______________.

On to my gratitude list

  • I am grateful for this gorgeous solstice week. Unexpected cold weather, and yet, the blackberries keep ripening, the tomatoes are starting to glow, the weird varieties of zucchini are starting to come in.
  • I am grateful for willingness to try out different fitness possibilities. I am trying out my first TRX class today.
  • I am grateful to be willing to contemplate letting go of my oh-so-expensive gym membership in favor of one more affordable.
  • I am grateful for taking a day off (well 85% of it at least) yesterday. Took care of my body and my spirit and my heart. Early morning at the labs to draw routine bloods (for the annual physical), half a fitness class at the Y, pedicures with my darling sisters Rabbit and Rowan, farmers market and lunch with my sister Barbara, a little work, and then a movie and a walk.
  • I am grateful for writing my first-ever letter to the NY Times. The same day that I received awful, hostile customer service from my health insurance provider, after I dared(!) to ask how a test should be ordered so it would be a covered benefit, an article appeared about how Aetna (my insurer) and other companies are making themselves over as customer-focused and customer-friendly. Hah! So I wrote a long letter, telling my story.
  • I am grateful for feeling like my strength is building. I am lasting a bit longer in my workouts, and that’s so good!
  • I am grateful for less pain in my leg. Also a terrific development.
  • I am so so so so so grateful for a conversation with my daughter after too long. Turns out her distance/withdrawal is not about me (the good news), but that she’s in a really tough place (the bad news) that makes her pull into herself. It felt so good to be able to tell her how much I love her and how I believe in her and have her back.
  • I am grateful for a sense of humor that saves me when I get frustrated.
  • I am grateful for sisters (of blood, of choice) who add their prayers to mine because they love me.
  • I am grateful for being sober. Things could be So.Much.Worse.
  • I am grateful for the first corn of the season. Local asparagus ending (sniff), local corn coming in!
  • I am grateful that I’m a seasonal-eating locavore.
  • I am grateful for meals that derive more and more from this garden. Eggs, zucchini and potatoes, for example.
  • Life is good.

What do my gorgeous gratitude challengers have to say?


I’m grateful to be back in Oakland.  Grateful to park my car 15-20 minutes from work and walk there and back.  Grateful to the day for being lovely and to me for thinking of it.

I am grateful that my sister is getting better.  They moved her out of the hospital to a “care facility,” and she is taking a little food through her mouth- not just tubes.


My husband washed all the dishes
God’s love and indwelling presence
Reliable transportation


A nice Father’s Day
A happy, healthy baby
Financial independence

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  1. I just found your blog from the WCWW and stumbled straight onto your gratitude challenge! I do weekly grateful posts on my blog, too. At first they were just a way to participate in the blogging community and I posted only when I had something interesting to say. Then I got drawn into it, and now I do them religiously, no matter what. It really helps to stop and notice all the beautiful things in our lives even in the middle of turmoil. 

    •  @Tat007 Tatiana, welcome! I couldn’t find the link to your blog in the WCWW group; I’d love to see it!
      Always so happy to meet another gratitude blogger…
      Love and light,

      •  @MagnoliasWest Oh, I didn’t realise that Livefyre didn’t give you the link! It’s at

        •  @Tat007 Oh thanks, it’s lovely! Looking forward to reading it, and seeing you in the Goddess circles. Love and light! 

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