Gratitude challenge week 27

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” — Denis Waitley, American author

Two weeks post-Summer Solstice.

Still basking in the glow of l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g days. And the gorgeous weather. Although I’ve been hearing about the record high temperatures all over the place (and mourning the effects of global warming), here in the Bay Area it’s been cool and overcast in the mornings and sunny and absolutely glorious in the afternoons.

Yup, it means the tomatoes in the garden are ripening slowly. And the blackberries and other fruit. But oh so gorgeous blessed days!

I am grateful for the Rx from my Chi Nei Tsang practitioner: spend 20 minutes in the sun every day (before 3pm), wearing as little as possible, and bask! How’s that for a prescription?

I am grateful for the lovely community here, my friendly neighbors.

I am grateful that I have a friend who can help me figure out what to do. Yes, it’s possible for a straight-neck zucchini plant to die of root rot. It popped right out of the ground with no roots and we dumped it. Luckily the other plants look great—the Tromboncino, for example.

I am grateful for the blackberries that are plumping up and ripening behind the henhouse and that are so amazing picked in the warmth of the afternoon. I never make it out from behind the coop with a single blackberry in my hands. I just eat them out of hand, one by one.

I am so grateful for the Y! I just joined, a week or so ago, and it’s been a tough transition, moving from Club One where I could do Pilates on the equipment two or three times a week to something completely different (no Pilates equipment). I love it! There’s a t’ai chi club at the gym, they meet daily (I think), and I went today, to the sword and fan class. I’ve never done fan before, and it was great. This is a great group for me and my beginner mind. I’m used to studying one form: one t’ai chi form, one sword form, just one. This group? They did four different fan forms, and I think also four different sword forms. (My head was just spinning by the end and I lost count!)

I was welcomed and jumped right in. It’s a good thing I have so much practice and experience under my belt, because they certainly didn’t slow down for me. At all. I call it a great success; I didn’t fall down and I didn’t hurt anyone. Hurrah!

I am stupid grateful for how much better I felt after a strenuous fan and sword class this morning. My hips and back are happy!

It is a welcome warm and happy feeling to have a group with which to study again. It has been so long! Jeeze. Nearly 20 years since I left New York and my t’ai chi school. Wow.

I am grateful for dancing. I went to a class and a dance Friday night, something that has become woefully infrequent in my life. It was just wonderful to blues dance. Something I just love and miss too much to bear sometimes.

I am grateful for love in my heart and the ability to express it to those dear to me.

I am grateful for healing in my body.

And now on to the gratitudes I am so blessed to receive in my inbox every week:


I am grateful for loving my mom even when she gets frustrated and hangs up on me. I am grateful that we are able, in different ways, to no longer say hurtful words towards each other.

I am grateful for the ability to feel anger and release it and feel love.

I am grateful that my heart muscle craves love and peace, seeks it and is open to having it.


I am grateful for that moment in the farmer’s market when I was standing waiting for my brother-in-law and feeling hot, grumpy and in some pain, and then remembering  Gratitudes.  I looked around and saw sun, a crown, a guy with wild and crazy hair…… what a wonderful scene!


The energy to wake up and be productive at 4:30am for an hour before the rest of the household

Mary Jane:

I’ve moved! I’m out of my 3,000 sq ft house. I’m so grateful that is over. Hooray!

I’m am so grateful for all the stuff I was able to give away. Lots of people were really happy to get my old stuff.


Not having all of the answers in life. As painful as it is when it comes to death, it leaves mystery and beauty.


I am learning self-hypnosis so that I can enjoy a comfortable, wonderful drug-free birth.  It’s not a quick fix, but will takes months of daily practice, but I do enjoy it.

Blessed be, enjoy the sunshine, smile big, at least three times a day (try it!).


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