Gratitude challenge week 28

Keeping it simple

“For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love Emerson, he always reminds me to keep it simple.

I am very grateful today.

  • Even though the days are already getting shorter (I know, they have been for almost a month now, but I’m at that point where I’m really starting to feel it, and it always makes me a little sad), I’m grateful for the gorgeous long days of summer.
  • I am grateful for the bounty of the garden. From the eggs, to the various kinds of summer squash, to the potatoes, to the purple beans, to the peas, to the corn, and more… (Okay the corn isn’t coming from my garden, but everything else is, and the farmers market always supplement my passionate commitment to eating seasonal and local.)
  • I am grateful for two good movies this weekend, for actual leisure activity. The Intouchables (French, funny, poignant, based on a true story) and Beasts of the Southern Wild (powerful, gorgeous, amazing). Yay for movies!
  • I am grateful for knowing how to be a good friend, a good neighbor, a generous woman. Helped a friend unpack boxes in her new home today.
  • I am grateful for comfort. Since I stopped wearing underwire bras and switched to camisoles, well, I’m just grateful for comfort! Embracing the uniboob look!
  • I am grateful for my cooking talent and passion. And for the grill that’s right outside my door. Grilled corn, what a blessing! Grilled veggies of all kinds. I tried grilling Brussels sprouts for the first time this week; still working out the kinks (ending up roasting them after grilling, to get them just right).
  • I am grateful for the classes at the Y. Went to T’ai Chi sword and fan class for the second time, and I love the group of people in the class! So wonderful. Fun to learn new forms, and fun to also share what I’ve learned.

What I’ve learned so far about modern t’ai chi: My fellow students told me that the form I do is classic/old school. And that what they learned and practice is one of the numbered forms that the communist regime put in place to standardize t’ai chi practice in China. I guess nearly 40 years of study and practice make me old school.

  • I am grateful for writing even when I’m sure I have no skill and nothing to offer. Wrote an guest blog article this weekend about how to be generous in social media. And even though I wanted to quit three times, I stuck it out and finished it. Yay me! Yay for the support I get so generously from other writers!
  • I am grateful for putting together a set of blues music for this Thursday’s Dreamlights online radio show at 8am PST. Here’s the playlist, tune in Thursday by clicking right here. It’s gonna be a great hour of great music, and I do say so myself!
  • I am so grateful for the women who share their gratitude with me. Let’s check in with them now.


I am grateful for a day with my mom.

The hand of God orchestrates my life and I am undoubtedly cared for.

I am grateful for my recovery and for my health, specifically for being a non smoker. Thank you God.

Mary Jane:

I am so grateful I am really ready to be happy.

I am grateful I live in such a peaceful place.

I’m grateful that I can cut down and my meds and I’m feeling okay. My thyroid is starting to stabilize, thank you thyroid.


I am a citizen of the United States

I have a good marriage

My new dog Milo


I’ve never been sexually abused as so many girls and women have been

i got my 1st haircut in 9 months. I feel so much lighter!

I get to see my amazing smiley daughter every day when I come home from work


I am grateful to you, Sue, for receiving and initiating my gratitude emails.  I feel safe sending them to you and know that you will not spread them around, and I am encouraged by this practice which does make my life better.

Love, light, and sunshine!


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