Gratitude challenge week 30

“If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.” — Rabbi Harold Kushner

I have an announcement. Ta da!

It’s been 30 weeks now since we’ve been sharing our gratitudes together in the Magnolias West Gratitude Challenge. Which makes this a very good time to ask you to share how this practice is landing for you.

Oh, and this is open to anyone of my readers who has a gratitude practice (yes, even if you haven’t been doing the Challenge), so jump in!

  • What do you notice from your practice of gratitude?
  • What’s changed?
  • Any long-term effects?
  • If you talk about this practice, how do you describe it?

I’m inviting you to write a guest blog for me. You can write an article that answers the questions above, or anything you’re moved to share.

I will post them as I get them; I would like to get your submission by November 15th, so that I can post your article before our challenge year ends.

Photos also welcome, with appropriate credit information.

So, how does that sound, my beautiful tribe of grateful writers? I’m looking forward to your submissions! Best way to get something to me is to email me with a link to a shared Google doc or an attached Word file. Send them to Sue [at] MagnoliasWest [dot] com



On to gratitude.

I am grateful today for the gorgeous summer sunshine.

I am grateful for the health and strength of my body.

I am grateful for a beautiful beautiful ritual with my tribe last night, celebrating the first harvest and the Abundant Queen and the Goddess Hera.

I am grateful for making lovely takeaways for the rituals with my beloved friend and sister priestess Rowan. Last night we gave away beautiful vials with cork stoppers. We filled the vials with New Moon in Cancer Abundant Home water, pomegranate nectar, Vodka of the Gods (to preserve) and gold and red glitter. If you squint, you can see the glitter floating in the liquid.

I am grateful for the community of Goddess women who fill my life with sacred fierce joy.

I am grateful for being mindful of the wheel of the year (latest article about this here). So that even as the light begins to wane, I am upheld by the knowing that the darkness to come contains the light to come after that. And the light contains the darkness. And so it goes… So much ease and calm in this.

I am grateful for a Saturday writing retreat (that’s today, yo).

I am grateful for decisions that are for the best and highest for all, even when they’re big and scary. (Yes, it’s true, I still resist and fear change, and it takes a lot of work for me to step into the unknown sometimes.)

I am grateful for all the support I get in doing what’s best for myself and the others in my life and in my business.

Selected gratitudes from the group:

Mary Jane

I appreciate my disinterest in consumption…for not being a collector-of-possessions.
I am grateful for the practice of writing this list, for to do the writing I must first experience gratitude.
I am grateful for art and artists and how they have made me feel and how they have expanded my seeing.


My husband
My dog
My two latest dog sitters, Michal and Amanda


I am grateful for my garden, and for seeing that it is pretty.  Passerbys tell me that sometimes and the other night I saw for myself that it was so.  I’m grateful that I could make it nice and low maintenance., so I don’t have to be strong to keep it looking good.


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