Gratitude challenge week 31

“Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.” — Albert Schweitzer

Calling all you beautiful grateful ones!

I’d love to publish your guest post… You’ve been getting in touch with your gratitude for a while now, almost a year. Congratulations!

I am so humbled and inspired by the gratitudes you’ve shared with me this year. You’ve moved me to send out an open invitation to you (and to anyone else you know who’s rocking a gratitude practice) to write a guest post for the Morning Gratitudes blog.

It’s simple. Write your article about gratitude and send it over. I will be posting submitted gratitude posts between now and the end of this year. If you have images that illustrate your blog, send them along too (your own images preferably, or with permissions and attributions).

I’m so excited to share with my readers how the practice of gratitude has had an impact on your life.

Send your submission to me here. And of course, if you’re moved to, share a gratitude in the comments below. Yay!


My gratitudes today

  • I am grateful for the bounty of late summer, for zucchini (varieties exotic and mundane) and beans, for tomatoes, for corn, for melon, for berries.
  • I am grateful for the loving relationship I have with my sister Barbara.
  • I am grateful for being a writer, for shedding my fear.
  • I am grateful for comfort trumping self-judgement.
  • I am grateful for good rest.
  • I am grateful for restorative yoga, for slow flow yoga, for therapeutic yoga.
  • I am grateful for the yoga teachers in my life—loving souls.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities this summer to write articles on other heartful blogs:
    Paying It Forward in Social Media
    How Mercury and Uranus Retrograde Help Us Express Our Creativity
    The Big Why
    Gratitude Is Also a Verb
    Adding Soul and Fun Time to Your Daily Routine
    Are You Afraid Your Deepest, Lushest Self Is Too Big for Your Audience?
    Please read and comment on any of these, if you’re moved to do so…
  • I am grateful for good neighbors and for living in this place.
  • I am grateful for fabulous loving clients who bring so much to our collaborations.
  • I am grateful for learning more and more about how to be of service.
  • I am grateful for health and strength. I am grateful for inspiring writers and teachers in my life.
  • I am grateful for reliable technology (and for a break from Mercury retrograde!).
  • I am grateful for my friends.

And now, what’s in the mailbag?

I have an amazing gratitude today- the experience of looking at people from a place of being enough.

I am grateful for the perspective of gratitude. I am grateful for a day of lavish self care.

Thank you loves for the juicy gratitude shared!


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