Gratitude challenge week 33

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” — John Henry Jowett, pastor

Powerful medicine, gratitude.

I agree. Thanks, Mr. Jowett.

  • I am grateful for my highly developed resting skills. I hurt my back on Monday—another one of those spontaneous back spasms that have become ridiculously commonplace in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time in rest this week. And it’s paying off. The pain is much less today.
  • I am grateful for movies that provide entertainment for me when I’m down.
  • I am grateful for technology that allows the easy availability of things like re-watching the first season of the BBC show Sherlock. I agree with something I heard on the radio, that this show is even better the second time around. So good!
  • I am grateful for friends have my back and how much we support each other.
  • I am grateful for great healers in my life. Finally was able to articulate my theory about how these frequent spasms must be connected to the chronic pain in my legs and also must be connected to the diarrhea I’ve had since November 3rd of last year. A discouraging state of affairs, but at least I can work with someone who takes a holistic approach to things and listens—really listens—to what I have to say.
  • I am grateful for Chinese medicine.
  • I am grateful for conversations with my daughter.
  • I am grateful for the bounty of this garden.
  • I am grateful for the practice of gratitude and for the other gratitude writers I’m getting to know.
  • I am grateful for singing without shame, even silly songs, even with my not-so-good voice.
  • I am grateful for every breath.
  • And I am grateful for your submissions. If you have a gratitude practice, tell me about it. Send it over. Any length, and format, will work. I’ll be publishing your stories between now and the end of this year. More details here.

This week’s gratitudes (from the mailbag)

[I am] grateful for being able to move core muscles today and have a springy, energetic step.  I am grateful for my wonderful colleagues-—we had a good time and a good planning meeting on Wednesday.

I am grateful that I can talk about my past without staying there. When I revisit painful times I am able to see myself coming out of them different and ok.

Completing my first Olympic tri of the season and doing better than I had hoped
A body that is so very capable, healthy and whole

Love and blessings!

Unknown Object

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