Gratitude challenge week 34

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.” —Christiane Northrup, doctor and author

Hmmm, I like that.

Spiritual neuroscience: when I stand in gratitude—feel it, express it—I reap more gratitude-worthy good stuff in my life. Sweet!

  • I am grateful today for gorgeous summer sunshine and cool breezes.
  • I am grateful for warm eggs from the chicken coop.
  • I am grateful for middle eastern markets and my very cool shopping technique (really useful if there’s any language issues): I keep pix on my phone of what I want and then I can have a smiling interaction without confusion—yay!
  • I am grateful for people passionately standing up for women and against rape.
  • I am grateful for a visit with my niece who’s off on a yearlong adventure on the other coast.
  • I am grateful for a call from my daughter who gifted herself with a hike to a beautiful waterfall at Lake Tahoe.
  • I am grateful for getting more comfortable as a writer and for getting the positive feedback I get.
  • I am grateful for being proactive in my health: changed acupuncturists again (actually circled back to Chris Randle) and got my first appointment with Dr. Aumatma at Karma Clinic, about which I’m really excited!
  • I am grateful for weekend farmer’s markets and for the patience to keep circling around until I found a parking space.
  • I am grateful for five yoga classes this week, it’s really feeding my heart and soul.
  • I am grateful to be noticing more mindfulness, even when I’m off the mat. I notice this because I don’t reach for my phone as much. This is a big deal change and I like it!
  • I am grateful for honesty, for gratitude, for integrity, for willingness, for love (all of which were quite a stretch for me for so much of my life!).
  • I am grateful for grilled corn. I don’t think I can say this enough!
  • I am grateful for persistence and passion.
  • I am grateful for my coven sisters, and that I get to be in their company tonight.

From this week’s mailbag:

Kim (remembering her deceased first husband):
I am grateful to have known Jeff Wendel, to have shared the first decade of my recovery with him, to have been accepted by him, to miss him so much tears come pouring out of my eyes, to have an honest, clean feeling inside when I remember him.

I’m grateful that I’m not afraid to be friendly to strangers in small ways.  Like telling the small boy that he had a terrific wagon; and telling the woman in the car that she had just parked blocking a driveway and she might want to pull forward.  And this evening a young man and his girlfriend told me they had just met up again at the place where they had started, each running in opposite directions around the Lake. —They were so pleased about it.  It seemed like they wanted to share their enjoyment and I happened to be there.

May you have plenty of moments of gratitude in your life today. And every day. Love and light!

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