Gratitude challenge week 41

I am grateful today, for so much.

  • I am grateful for my precious daughter, and for how much she lights up my life.
  • I am grateful for a day for myself today, with yoga, and zumba, and errands, and walking in the sunshine, gardening, and settling in to watch the Yankees in the playoffs.
  • I am grateful for my early birthday present to myself, this beautiful bronze triple spiral necklace.
  • I am grateful for the treats I allowed myself today: a bite of peach at the farmers’ market, a dark chocolate morsel from the sample table at Berkeley Bowl, water kefir on tap at Whole Foods, raspberries from the vine. Yes, if you eat as super-clean as I have the last two weeks, these are treats!
  • I am grateful for a day off from supplements and herbal medicines…a break.
  • I am grateful for autumn energy in the air.
  • I am grateful for the response to the article I wrote yesterday (if you like it, please leave a comment, thanks!)
  • I am grateful for a dinner and movie date with my friend last night. We saw Argo, it was pretty good.
  • I am grateful for my other early birthday present for myself, inviting romance into my life. Riding the Saturn in Scorpio energy. I actually invested in a six-month membership! I’ve had some interesting interactions. And I have dinner plans with someone I haven’t met yet tomorrow. Not a date, but you never know!
  • I am grateful for every expression of gratitude I read, because it grounds me in my own gratitude.

Let’s see what the gratitude mailbag holds for us today:

MJ says:
I am grateful Geoff is alive. He is recovering from his auto accident quite nicely, but it could have been much worse.
I am grateful for the tears that release so much in my body and spirit.
I am grateful for the benevolent energy that been guiding me. I feel it now throughout my day.

Theresa is grateful for:
…a mother who still takes care of me, asks how I’m doing when I’m feeling sad and offers the most amazing support and love any daughter could ever ask for
…my little sister bringing up something that hurt her feelings and being able to soften to her needs and have honest yet compassionate communication
…only about 7 weeks until my boyfriend redeploys and feeling so much more in love after our almost 9 months of separation

Belinda says:
I’m grateful for the smell of “It just rained.”
I am grateful for my cat Cinnamon. She likes me and she is so snuggly.
I’m grateful for feeling sleepy at bedtime.


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  1. I should read this more often! Gratitude is so beautiful to feel, and just as beautiful to witness <3
    By the way, I very much relate to the treats you allowed yourself, I eat along the same lines and the things you had are all delicious!
    Much love and blessings,

  2. Sibylle, thanks so much for taking the time to comment.
    I love that you appreciate gratitude as you do. Have you seen this? There are still some slots open for guest posts. Want to write about gratitude for me? I’d be delighted to post something.
    Love and light,

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