Gratitude challenge week 42

“On the first day of spring, I was raking the gravel off the grass. It was hard, and I was starting to complain to myself,” Hathaway says. “When I caught myself thinking, I switched over to ‘thank you.’ I remembered I really wanted to rake, and I wanted springtime. Gratitude practice for me is about letting go of thinking and welcoming in the present moment.” —Nancy Hathaway, senior dharma teacher at the Kwan Um Zen School and a family mindfulness consultant in Blue Hill, Maine.

I am grateful

  • I am humbly grateful for the healing process, even if it means I feel worse before I’m gonna feel better!
  • I am grateful to be so fully supported by my health practitioners (bless you Jan Hanson!).
  • I am grateful for the wealth that allows me to invest in my health.
  • I am grateful for the reliable technology (car, internet, that adds ease to my life).
  • I am grateful for patience.
  • I am grateful for my sister’s TLC.
  • I am grateful for the juicy give and take in my relationship with my gorgeous daughter. This is a true miracle, yo. I am grateful for the cool days of autumn, and for the hint of rain today.
  • I am grateful for my yoga teachers. I get so much out of their classes.
  • I am grateful for my loving friends.
  • I am grateful for smiles and laughter, especially for the increase of smiles in my life. Have you tried this? Smile every time you see your reflection a mirror. It’s as softening and heartening as a daily meditation practice. In fact, they make a great combination.
  • I am grateful for the shift toward increased accountability in what I feed my psyche. Acknowledging and respecting the tenderness of my heart and soul means I can no longer watch a certain kind of violence. Latest to be dumped from my DVR: Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy. Great acting, but too hard on me.
  • I am grateful for gardening. We’re putting in winter crops now.

Let’s see what’s in the Gratitude inbox

I am grateful for Steve (my boyfriend) and my one year anniversary on 11 Oct.  He sent me flowers from Afghanistan and the most beautiful, heartfelt gift
I am grateful for developing a trust in the goodness of life-it’s a process!
I am grateful for self forgiveness and self compassion

My Mom is in the final stages of dying. I am grateful she will soon be released from her worn out body and mind.
I’m grateful I have my sibs to gather with as my Mom crosses over.
I’m grateful my employment is sympathetic to family leave.

I am grateful that Paul invited me to teach with him at Mills this Tuesday, Big Apple moves. I got so high. I got to do three things I love most: dancing, teaching and collaborating. I felt like Frankie [Manning], who used to say, when people remarked on how much energy he had, that he got it from the all the people in his classes. I am so happy to have inspired those young people, and made them laugh and smile and dance with each other. I am so happy Paul invited me. I like him a lot.

I am grateful to heal from my childhood stuff as I nurture and love my own child.
I am grateful for my experiences, even those of lack and pain, that have brought me to my calls for presence and love.
I am grateful for stepping into faith as Sophie was babysat by a man for the first time. With Dennis and I both having been sexually abused by men it was a conscious, slow, planned decision. Love and light!


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Photo credits: Heart ripples from Jo’s 1 Love, and the reflected smile shot is by DemonOfThorns on Learn, Think, Inspire.


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