Gratitude challenge week 43

“I do three bows in the morning. “The first bow is to my self as part of the universe. The second bow is to my family, children, and friends to acknowledge and appreciate them. The third is bowing to the universal life force and what is. Doing this helps me let go of controlling, and instead open to the flow of life.” —Nancy Hathaway, senior dharma teacher at the Kwan Um Zen School and a family mindfulness consultant in Blue Hill, Maine.

I am very grateful today.

  • I am grateful for the beautiful October sunshine.
  • I am grateful for the heartfelt responses to my article about this season of ancestor reverence and tomorrow’s Full Moon.
  • I am grateful for an awesome love-filled day yesterday.
  • I am grateful for a visit with my daughter and her beloved. Lunch at Selland’s on H Street in Sacramento on a gorgeous day.
  • I am grateful I have lived long enough to enjoy this beautiful relationship with my gorgeous daughter.
  • I am grateful for being one of the guests at Allison’s surprise party celebrating her appointment as a federal magistrate. Good friends whom I get to see so rarely. Her triplets who are now 14(!) and whom I’ve loved since their birth.
  • I am grateful for one more visit with Kim and Sophie Grace to cap off a perfect day.
  • I am grateful for easy drives up and back with almost zero traffic.
  • I am grateful for a temporary reprieve of symptoms that lasted until I got home.
  • I am grateful for the lovely and heartwarming movie—A Good Year—I stumbled across last night. Nice to see a soft side of Russell Crowe.
  • I am grateful for all the growth in our winter garden. Nice to see life happening even as the light grows shorter.
  • I am so so so grateful for my tribe’s Samhain ritual Friday night. Very reverent, very sacred, very powerful. I love my priestess sisters.

From the Gratitude Challenge tribe

MJ: In my head I know how to let go. All the books, all the retreats, all the meditations, all the prayers, all the vast past experience, all the past bodywork. And yet my body, my tissues still work overtime to overprotect me and seize me up with pain. I am so grateful for my chiropractor and LMT. I am so grateful for letting go.

Theresa: I am grateful for singing and dancing last night with my family as we sang Karaoke.  I just felt this sense of love and peace and gratitude for my little 7 yo niece who I have been able to see grow up from day 1, my older sister who is so filled with happiness, my dad and his wife and her daughter and how connected they seem to be.  What a wonderful experience.

Kim: I am grateful that Den’s project deadline is at 5 p.m. I’ve been admiring his dedication this past week- late nights and early mornings. I come home smelling like onions, he comes home smelling like paper.


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