Gratitude challenge week 46

Ain’t it the truth?

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” —Eric Hoffer, American social writer

  • I’m a grateful woman. Grateful to be feeling more ease in my body after two weeks of muscle-ache hell.
  • I’m grateful I don’t have a high fever, after far too many days with 102–103º temps.
  • I’m grateful for resilience and healing.
  • I’m grateful for intuition and knowing my body as well as I do.
  • I’m grateful for the mysteries that unfold day by day, hour by hour, and that I get to be in the mystery. How much flavor of life would be lost if we knew the outcomes now?
  • I’m grateful for my daughter’s impending visit. Hope she gets here soon. Kid’s traveling without a mobile phone. How did we do this, actually, in the days before phones? It’s so funny how dependent I’ve become on moment-to-moment contact.
  • I’m grateful for buying the fixings for my world-class sauerkraut today. I’ll make up a batch tonight.
  • I’m grateful for a second date last night. Talk about mysteries!
  • I’m grateful for leftover sweet potato fries warmed up in ghee. Decadent!
  • I’m grateful for forgiveness. And for knowing that people even when they have the most loving of intentions may in fact say harsh and hurtful things.
  • I’m grateful for the decluttering project. I’m trying not to be daunted by it. This was the second week, and I’ve now decluttered my dressers and my jewelry box. So much more to go!!!
  • I’m grateful for the guys at Goodwill and for the easy ability to donate a big bag of clothing in good condition. Reuse, repurpose, the spirit of circulation.
  • I’m grateful for my sweet sister.
  • I’m just grateful.

And let’s see, what other gratitudes have I received this week?

Theresa says she is grateful for letting go to the Universe and feeling what it feels like to trust, and
Setting my intention everyday as a reminder

Kim says I am grateful for a laugh. Samuel L. Jackson’s Go the F— to Sleep.
I am grateful to learn about the documentary Saving Face. Strong women, overcoming, seeking justice.


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