Gratitude challenge week 49

“Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.” —Estonian Proverb

Oh, I’m starting to feel this in my heart, gorgeous!

Our year-long Gratitude Challenge is coming to an end, just three weeks to go. It’s been so powerful, so loving, so sacred, to read your gratitudes every week, to share mine with you, to spread gratitude in our worlds.

I am so grateful for this work we’ve done together. For the new people I’ve gotten to meet. For how some of the connections that have been made have deepened over the course of the year.

My own connection to my business has transformed in such a potent way this last year. I’ve been refining, clarifying and expanding my brand and offers, so that I can be of even better service to each and every one of you. I know you! I know you’re committed and passionate about integrating your most sacred heart’s mission and soul’s purpose with every action you take for your business, and I’m thrilled about our collaborations and co-creations.

I feel like I’ve been showered with wonderfulness!

  • I have love and gratitude for you that fill me with joy. Dancing in the gratitude space with you has made me a better woman! Hooray for authenticity, transparency, love and connection.
  • I want to personally invite you to stay connected with me, even after the year turns, because there’s so much new, juicy and sacred stuff I’m working on that I’m excited to be sharing with you. You’ll soon see the new website (woot!), which will launch as close to the first of the year as possible. And there’s more to come after that… Stay tuned!
  • Speaking of which, here’s something that I know you’ll love that’s ready for you right now! (The first product with my new branding: new logo, new colors, and the beautiful set of watercolors painted for me by Jennybach.) Ta da! Introducing…

The Magnolias West 2012 Year-End Completion and Release Workbook!

Yes, it’s the season when you will likely find yourself moved to set goals for the new year, to make plans to implement new and more positive and productive behaviors and habits. You’ll feel drawn to spend time leaning into, defining and clarifying your vision for the year ahead. You may even be thinking about those things right now.

But before you start visioning, and writing those goals and intentions for the coming year…Stop. Breathe.

Honor yourself in the most sacred way and allow for closure for all the beautiful actions you took in 2012. Take the time to look back, and acknowledge your magnificent accomplishments of this past year. Make note of what challenged you, and what may still be incomplete. Celebrate yourself for all the new, audacious, brave, risky things you’ve taken on, tried, manifested. The actions that worked out as planned (or better!) and the ones that didn’t. Even when your efforts fail, gorgeous, as long as you’re trying, you’re making progress. They call it failing forward.

I promise you, taking the time to do this completion and release work will remove the weeds and undergrowth from your path, so that your new start—the goals, visions, blessings and miracles you will bring to 2013—will germinate, root and flower beautifully for you.

How to use this workbook

There are five pages of questions with four questions on each page. Print out the workbook, if you like, or use your journal, to do this working. Four of the pages pose questions that relate to the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and the fifth page has questions that reflect your most sacred and regal Spirit.

Don’t be afraid. Bring your light and open heart to this process. Answering the questions will be enlightening, and it may even be exhilarating and fun! You are where you are for a reason. You get just the lessons and challenges you need to bring your most loving self to everything you do. I celebrate you!

There are two purchase options for you here, gorgeous.

Option 1: The 2012 Completion and Release workbook is $20.12

(Get it? 2012? tee hee!)


Or, precious one, you can give yourself an even more powerful gift. You can buy the workbook and also get a closure ceremony and ritual in a private call with me, to seal the working. On the call, we will honor the work you’ve done answering the questions in the workbook, and then we’ll do a completion and release ceremony. Finally, we will sink into a guided sacred prayer that will set the foundation for your visioning, goals and intentions for 2013.

Option 2: You get the workbook, and the private Completion and Release Ritual call with me for only $49.97.

Such a deal!


An important note:

I’m guessing that you’ll love this workbook and want to share it with other beautiful women you know and love. I ask you, from my heart to yours, to please pass the purchase links along instead of passing on the workbook itself. This is about more than the income from the sale, although I am deeply grateful for every purchase made. What this is about is that when you pass the workbook along, I don’t get to make the new connection that’s so important to me. I know you, and I trust you, and if you know someone who will love and benefit from this working, that I want to get to know that person as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Oh! And here’s my gratitude list!

I am grateful for the beautiful First Friday art walk tonight. Art, music, food trucks, old friends.

I am grateful that I found lovely trinkets for my family’s Chanukah gifts made by a local Oakland artisan. And she gave me a nice discount for buying for everyone at the same place.

I am grateful for learning how to connect my Paypal purchases with my email marketing company. Now when someone buys a product from me, their contact information will be filed just where I need it. Automatically. Yay!

I am grateful for family. The easy moments and the challenging ones.

I am grateful for my daughter. Immensely grateful for her.

I am grateful for kabocha squash and sweet potatoes and ghee.

I am grateful for being connected to so many positive people. I am enriched by every one of you.

I am grateful for clarity, even when it hurts.

I am grateful for a third date tomorrow. Nice!

I am grateful that the injury inflicted on the side of my nose by the nosepiece of my glasses is starting to heal. Hooray for teeny tiny round bandaids.

I am just grateful, yo.


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