Gratitude challenge week 50

“Forget injuries, never forget kindness.” Confucius

I am so grateful!

  • I am grateful that I began weekly sacred decluttering in November. It’s been 6 years since I’ve done this. And it feels like it may take a full year (how does one human being accumulate so much stuff?) to complete, but I love it. Today I did another shelf in my cavernous bathroom closet. I think this makes three weeks so far decluttering the bathroom, and I think it’ll take another two to complete it. And that’s the smallest room in my tiny place. Patience, this requires lots and lots of patience.
  • I am grateful for the energy I put into maintenance today. #1: Downloaded the new Mac OS (finally!), and now have a copy on each Mac.
  • I am grateful for maintenance action #2. Backed up both computers and installed a new automatic backup system (SuperDuper). Easy to use, has a great reputation, $28. Nice.
  • I am grateful for the way this decluttering changes my focus, changes the way I see things. Today I cleaned two keyboards and the TV remote with my lens cleaner. Clean keyboards! A clean remote! Years of finger grime removed!
  • I am grateful that my lens cleaner is made by me. I make it with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Seems to clean the lenses on my glasses without messing up the coating.
  • I am grateful that I hemmed my new favorite yoga pants today. And they came out great!
  • I am grateful that I own a headlamp. Today I discovered handy headlamp use #39: making it easy to see the dark thread against the dark pants as I hemmed.
  • I am also grateful for use #38: grilling in the dark! On these short short days the headlamp extends my outdoor cooking hours.
  • I am grateful grateful grateful for the upcoming solstice. I for one am ready for the return of the light. Completely ready. Eager. Bring it, yo.
  • I am grateful for fourth dates and first kisses. 🙂
  • I am grateful for latkes. And sour cream. I can live the whole year sans sour cream, but then there’s latkes season. I have a plan for next year, to develop a recipe for beets and carrots latkes.
  • I am grateful for my DIY gift for this year: toothpowder. I love what I’ve made and I will probably never use toothpaste again. I made enough for gifts and some to sell!
  • And I’m very grateful for the reception the Magnolias West 2012 Completion and release workbook has received. This week, my loves, this is the week to sink into this working. To celebrate yourself for what you’ve accomplished and completed, to acknowledge what’s still left to complete.

I promise you, taking the time to do this completion work will remove the weeds and undergrowth from your path, so that your new start—the goals, visions, blessings and miracles you will bring to 2013—will germinate, root and flower beautifully for you.

How to use the workbook

There are five pages of questions with four questions on each page. Print out the workbook, if you like, or use your journal, to do this working. Four of the pages pose questions that relate to the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and the fifth page has questions that reflect your most sacred and regal Spirit.

Don’t be afraid. Bring your light and open heart to this process. Answering the questions will be enlightening, and it may even be exhilarating and fun! You are where you are for a reason. You get just the lessons and challenges you need to bring your most loving self to everything you do. I celebrate you!

There are two purchase options for you here, precious one.

Option 1: The 2012 Completion and Release workbook for $20.12

(Get it? 2012? tee hee! I’ve kept this very affordable for you, the low pricing is my gift to you.)


Option 2: You get the workbook, and a private Completion and Release Ritual call with me for only $49.97.

Yes, you can give yourself an even more powerful gift. You can buy the workbook and also get a closure ceremony and ritual in a private call with me, to seal the working in the most sacred way. On the call, we will honor the work you’ve done answering the questions in the workbook, and then we’ll do a completion and release ceremony. Finally, we will sink into a guided prayer that will set the foundation for your visioning, goals and intentions for 2013.

Such a deal! Just so you know, a one-on-one call alone with me is valued at $150. Again, from my heart to yours…I celebrate you and I appreciate you!


Here’s what a client has to say about the 2012 Completion & Release Workbook
“Now that I have completed the Completion and Release workbook I feel ready to move forward, to examine why I felt locked and the areas where I became clogged. I am positioning myself for new solutions and growth, as I am in a new area of my life that is uncharted territory. Sue has an amazing ability to lead me to the truths of my heart and make the sparkle of possibility a reality.” —Kim Partin


And one more…
“In the process of reviewing the questions in the Completion and Release workbook, I found that I actually took some significant risks and actions in the past year, and that each risk, each action, was deserving of my mindful attention and gratitude. I faced things that needed to be revealed in “black and white” (though, inspired by the beauty of this workbook, I wrote my responses in Technicolor!), while also giving credit for things that I accomplished. I so enjoyed the way that each of the five elements were explained and translated into reflective questions.” —Christine Scudder, MSW. Christine’s business is Mind Balance, offering Mindful Balance Coaching & Facilitation


Thanks for buying the workbook! And please read this important note:

I know that you’ll just love this workbook and want to share it with other beautiful women you know and honor and cherish. I ask you, from my heart to yours, to please pass the purchase links along (you can send the link to this blogpost, simple!) instead of passing on the workbook itself. This is about more than the income from the sale, although I am deeply grateful for every purchase made. What this is about is that when you pass the workbook along, I don’t get to make the new connection with your friend that’s so important to me. I know you, and I trust you, and if you know someone who will appreciate and benefit from this working, that I want to get to know that person as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And read this important note too, please! When you purchase the workbook, or the workbook and call, you’ll need to confirm your email address. As soon as your purchase goes through you’ll receive an email from me ( with a request to confirm. All you need to do is click through to confirm. As soon as you do, you will receive the workbook, and if you bought the call as well, you’ll receive the link to my online scheduler! Easy peasy! But please, make sure to look for the confirmation email (you may have to check your spam folder!), and if you don’t see it, let me know!


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