Gratitude challenge week 6. What are you grateful for today?

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —William Arthur Ward, American writer

  • Rose's birthday giftsI am so grateful for spending part of the day yesterday with my daughter Rose on her 25th birthday. I drove up to Sacramento, met her there, at one of her favorite places to eat.
  • It meant the world to me to be there with her. Rose is going through big stuff and while I know I can’t fix anything, or prevent any heartache, or solve anything, I can love her. Hugely, wildly, fully.
  • I put together a pouch of totems and power objects for Rose. A piece of gray quartz for clarity and protection. A little sculpture of two women holding each other and singing—something that had been given to me when I was going through a big transition and which I cherish. I made her a feather fan (with five feathers). And gave her five cowrie shells (for prosperity). Five is Oshun’s number, and part of my intention was to enfold Rose in the love and protection of the goddesses of the water and oceans. Yemaya (another goddess of the oceans) is represented by the big shell. And all the goddesses of love by the tin corazon (heart). A key, so Rose can remember she can open every door and get through every thing. A hagstone (a stone with a naturally occurring hole in it) for clarity and protection.
  • So, these gifts, and buying lunch, and giving her $54 (triple “chai”—”life” in Hebrew). My version of showering her with love and gifts.

Rose's 25th birthday

Above, more pictures from our day. We tried to do our annual photo shoot with the magnolias, but they didn’t cooperate, only a few in bloom. We still visited Capitol Park in Sacramento and went to our favorite trees. Rose has been climbing this tree since she was seven.

  • I am grateful for an easy trip up and back.
  • For navigating challenging conversations with Rose. For communicating my truth with love.
  • That my daughter is maturing and her repertoire of responses is broadening. Yay!!
  • That I got a nap today after a bout of insomnia.
  • That the kale is still growing during this time of dormancy.
  • That I got invited to teach at the first session of the Women’s Herbal Symposium! Excited. Honored. Humbled.
  • That I got to spend some quality time with Avery and Ladybug this morning. I am going to miss her and her family when they leave for LA!
  • I’m grateful that the remedy seems to be working. I don’t have diarrhea any more (after only 3+ months!).
  • I’m grateful I got to the gym.

And I’m grateful for the gratitude challengers. Some of what they shared this week:

  • From Amanda: making challah at home by hand
  • From Belinda: I am grateful for the wonderful smell of a the first lemon I picked today and I am grateful for moments of dancing 100%, fully present and engaged
  • From Barbara: that I feel like I can help a friend just by being myself
  • And from Kim: I get perspective as I look at the review mirror of my past. I see how I have grown and been influenced. The fear of what may happen has left my chest and I have peace.

Thank you all for sharing the poetry of your gratitudes with me. You fill my heart with joy.

Love and blessings!


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