Gratitude Challenge weeks 20 & 21 (what?!?)

Two posts in one!

“Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never-ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.” —Rhonda Byrne

“Having gratitude in all things, all circumstances, at all times is the greatest statement of faith one can profess.” —Jackie Woodside

Yes dear ones, this is two posts in one, because I’m taking a rare week off! Next weekend I’ll be at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, circling up with a couple of hundred gorgeous women, teaching a couple of workshops (Making the Mask of Your True Spirit, and Forest Lichen Wands), and vending some of my homemade remedies.

So this post will have to last us two weeks, loves.

I have a lot for which to be grateful. Here goes:

  • I am grateful for completing the rewrite of every single page of my website (well, except the Tell a Friend page!), getting the layouts done, and with my powerful developer partner, getting the pages up and coded.
  • I am grateful that we are on schedule and it looks like the site will go live by Memorial Day! Exciting!
  • I am grateful that my website now better expresses the heart of my business, that my message, and my offers, and my services now match so much better my heart’s mission and my soul’s purpose! Yee hah!
  • I am so grateful that Jenny painted these gorgeous figures for me to use for my Living Juicy coaching materials. You can see more of her beautiful work here.

  • I am grateful for the baby chicks born here last Sunday. They are so beautiful, and they make me smile.
  • I am grateful for the gorgeous cool sunshiny weather, and for the amazing growth in the garden.
  • I am grateful for my lovely neighbors and for this community.
  • I am grateful for the walks I take every day, soaking up the sun and fresh air.
  • I am grateful for this practice, for gratitude coursing from my head through my heart to my fingers.
  • I am grateful for the gift I gave myself of seeing The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today (yes I give myself such decadent rewards, don’t I?) today, because the website is so close to being done!! What a good movie!
  • I am grateful for the women who honor me by working with me. I wonder if they know how much I learn from them?
  • I am grateful for the women I’m meeting by reading and commenting on their beautiful heartfelt blogs. Some deep friendships are being born and nurtured. Yes!
  • I am grateful for my coach who sets a powerful example for me when she celebrates my progress. I’ve been so deep in the writing I couldn’t really see how much I was actually getting done!
  • I am grateful for my Gratitude Challenge group, and their moving emails full of juicy gratitude.

From this week’s batch:

a 3 generation picnic and walk in Tilden park
a 1 year-old walking toddler
a simple birthday celebration
being able to make Maya’s 1st bday cake

I am grateful for the moments that my arm doesn’t hurt.
I am grateful for the pain, because it makes me appreciate the days when I wake up feeling good!
I am grateful for the the very clear knowledge I have that the body can heal itself when you let it.

That the days are longer
That I got all my laundry done yesterday
I feel so relaxed

One day closer to my boyfriend redeploying
The absolutely beautiful mountains this evening
The slightly cool summer evening breeze as I drove home

Mary Jane:
I’m grateful for the one who thinks she knows how things should be. There’s such innocence there. A desire for goodness. I’m grateful for the tenderness I give myself.
I’m grateful for tenderness period. Look at us all just trying our best to be happy.
I’m grateful for my old completely deaf and practically blind Jack Russell named Muffy, even though she has gas and is a compulsive licker.

Grateful for the memoir class which ended today.  It has been empowering and full of good camaraderie.  And it gives value to us seniors, our memories, and our lives.
I’m grateful to have seen the baby geese at Lake Merritt.  So cute.
I’m grateful to pick up my new glasses and be able to see clearly to drive– finally, after 6 weeks of double vision.  Ahh, thank you.


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