Gratitude (even with less than two hours sleep) Thursday 2/16

I wish this wasn’t my truth. Really I do.

I should be immune to stress, right?

I meditate. I exercise. I am committed to good, everywhere, every day, for everyone. And yet… All it took was the (temporary, although I didn’t know it at the time) death of my laptop. Jeeze. I didn’t sleep. At all. After an hour of monkey-mind chatter “Will Apple replace it?” “I don’t want to have to buy a new laptop” “Why does this shit happen to me? all while I’m meditating (trying to!), counting my breaths, trying to relax.

After more than an hour of that, I gave up. Got up. And worked.

  • Got a Magnolias West newsletter out.
  • Made three Magnolias West e-booklets/onesheets.
  • Watched two episodes of “The Forsyte Saga” on my iPad.
  • Baked a potato.
  • Cooked caramelized onions.
  • Researched how to reseason my blued-steel pan and did so.
  • And then started up again with the laptop repair with a 5:15 call from Apple. I love ExpressLane! Best customer service idea in centuries. Got the computer up and running again a mere four or so hours later.

Slept two hours in there, as it was downloading the OS. Woohoo! Two hours. So. I’m tired. Punchy. Regretful that I’m not a better human than I am. Wish I had slept.

  • I am grateful that I didn’t get more stressed out.
  • I am grateful that my friend David’s book section about my gratitude practice is so lovely.
  • I feel so honored and acknowledged.
  • I am grateful that two people have responded to my request to complete statements about me for The Shero’s Journey. They’re pretty amazing, think I’ll share them with you. I was provided with incomplete phrases and the assignment was to ask ten people to complete them. I could think of nine people, not ten, and sent them (with more chutzpah than my comfort level allows) the request to complete any or all of the statements. Here’s what I got from Rabbit:

People come to Sue for… Coaching, mothering, wisdom People thank Sue for… authenticity, generosity, pithy and easy-to-remember advice Sue is known for… being opinionated, having a unique diet, being a dancer What’s really easy for Sue includes… organization of time and resources, computer stuff, accountability What Sue downplays about her gifts includes… The triumphs she has made as a mother, as a successful longterm person in recovery, that she is one of a rare and select sisterhood of ordained High Priestesses in a women-centered spiritual tradition The gift Sue has forgotten she gives includes… space for someone (client, daughter, friend) to figure it out Sue is ready to stop denying that her gifts include… That she already knows everything she needs to know to be a wildly successful Coach

And here’s Ladybug’s contribution:

People come to Sue for… getting unstuck. People thank Sue for… helping them reframe their thinking into patterns that serve them better Sue is known for… her insights into the doings of the planets. What’s really easy for Sue includes… knowing off the top of her head where and when all the local farmers markets happen. What Sue downplays about her gifts includes… Her ability to learn new stuff quickly The gift Sue has forgotten she gives includes… permission to stay young Sue is ready to stop denying that her gifts include… ebullient joy that is catching

Almost too powerful for words. Seriously.

  • I am grateful for sunshine.
  • I am grateful for Smartwool socks (I could write that every day until May!)
  • I am grateful for my sister.
  • I am grateful for Robert Seastrom! Without him, I don’t know where I would be. My other half, tech-support wise.
  • I am grateful for more ease in my body!

Life is good and I am blessed. Blessings and love!


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