gratitude friday 10/17

I skipped hula class last night! Wow. In favor of staying longer at the Green Business Awards networking dinner event at the Claremont Hotel.

It was a lovely event. Starting with my slimmest pants fitting me again. Woohoo! Still a little snug, but not bad. Not bulgy or uncomfortable. And that’s so nice, as I’ve been off of all starchy veggies, grains and fruit for over a month. Almost completely that is. With an occasional plate of falafel (one or two) and a glass or two of lemonade and last night one little fingerling potato. Pretty good. I think I might even step on the scale today. I’ve been muy scale-phobic since my weight went up in September. I’m guessing that there was a metabolic shift when I gave up the 1,000+ milligrams a day of caffeine in July. I really don’t think my eating changed much at all. Although, knowing me, I am totally capable of rewarding myself with food. A little more here, a few bites there…

So, last night. Excruciating conditions. Very very very loud in the hallway during the pre-dinner networking portion. Very very very loud in the ballroom with over 250 people jammed at tables of twelve (tables that are designed to seat ten). I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Alameda County green business table. I knew most of my tablemates. And I made some very good connections. I walked over to a couple of strangers and said *Hi, I’m networking!* and it broke the ice and worked out well.

I have some great followup calls I get to make later today.

I am grateful that the Claremont’s catering staff accommodated my request and served me fish without sauce. It was delicious. I am so grateful that I figured out (thank you for the suggestion, Rabbit) that I can call the location’s kitchen/catering people and get my food requests handled without involving the person putting on the event. Smart. Exquisite self-care.

I am grateful that I’m not in Arica any more. This morning I woke up from a dream of hearing a lot of voices yelling *Change! Change! Change!* An exercise we did in Arica—called Catharsis—where one person sits in front of the group and says *I am here because I want to change* over and over and the group yells (supposed to be encouraging, I guess) *Change!* at the one in the hot seat. Oh my goddess, I am so glad I am not doing that any more.

I am grateful to be grounded enough to know that it’s okay to write this. No one is going to harm me for speaking this—my truth.

Blessed be.

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