gratitude friday 10/3

I am most grateful for the extended warranty I bought when I bought my car new in 2002. This warranty is good until January 14th, and I am having a significant repair done under warranty next week.

Nice. I’m going to do my best to have every suspicious noise and weird thing looked at and fixed under this warranty. Why not?

I’m grateful for a very big and productive day. Promises of more work. Hooray! Being productive and making money=peace and happiness for me. Lack of income=too much terror.

I’m grateful for the season ramping up to Samhain. Lots of stuff going on. I’m very excited about the upcoming meeting on Sunday; more on this after it happens.

I’m grateful for my sobriety. It was weird last night, sitting in a room full of beautiful witches, and actually passing a joint from one woman to another. I think it’s been almost twenty years since I did that. It made me a little uncomfortable, I must admit. And I hung in there, stayed for an hour and left as sober as when I walked in. Yes, this is an ongoing issue for me…

I’m grateful for meetings. I’m going to four a week these days and I feel more grounded. Hooray for willingness and hooray for sponsorship.

I’m grateful for body work; I’m getting less of it these days and when I do it feels so wonderful. Sigh. Happy sigh.

I’m most grateful for this day, this moment, this life. Blessed be.

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