gratitude friday 11/21

lakshmi.pngIt is hard to believe this year is almost over. And my goodness, what a time it is to be a woman of faith. To be committed to positive intention. And to rejecting lack. Lack is everywhere around me. This habit of seeing morning newspapers is an in-my-face challenge every day to rise above panic and worry.

Blessings to Lakshmi (left), and to Vadsuhara (right), goddesses of wealth. Bestow your bounty on us now and now and now. Blessed be.


I offer service and honor to the flow of abundance of the universe.

I am grateful for friends who care and who let me know. I am grateful for caring and letting those I care for know.

I am grateful for being taken to dinner by a cherished friend; the birthday celebration continues.

I am grateful for birthday jams; a beloved swing dance tradition.

I am grateful for hula class and my hula sistahs. I love my hula family.

I am grateful for love honesty sobriety joy health fitness and integrity. Rockin’ on.

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