gratitude friday 1/14

I am grateful for the mysterious serendipitous unfolding of life.

I am grateful that I have learned to hold my tongue. Restraint of tongue and pen saves my ass again!

I am grateful to be working with Rowan on our niches for our upcoming art show. All we did was prime the wood, and I got ridiculously excited. Ideas are pouring out of us. Powerful images. Eek! So much fun…

I am grateful for this new softening phase I’ve entered. I’m working with Aphrodite! In all my work with the divine feminine, with the Goddess, I have always been called to work with the rigorous, the tragic, the creators and the destroyers. Pele. Hekate, Laka. Asherah. Binah. Never a goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. And now I’m called by Aphrodite! I don’t even own anything pink! Me who wears neutrals and jeans. I am going to go to the drugstore and buy pink lipstick and eye shadow. To go with my blacks and greys and browns and jeans. A start…

And just as I answered this invitation to work with love energy this year, I got an invitation to join a relationship Mastermind group. And I accepted! I am investing time, energy and resources to this so-important aspect of my life.

The word for this year in my life is Love. How to be Love. How to express Love. How to expand Love in my life. This is very very very different for me. It starts from dropping any idea of adversity and putting love in its place. And goes on from there in ways I haven’t even thought of yet!

I’m very grateful for my relationship with my daughter. Our conversations have changed. We have them now. Just conversations. I called her up last night to give her advice about watching what she puts on Facebook (prospective employers may read it) and she listened, sighed, said she understood and said goodnight. I didn’t hear word one about how I don’t understand anything and about how it’s not like it was when I was young. This.Is.A.Gigantic.And.Wonderful.Change!!!

I’m grateful for gratitude. Blessed be!


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