gratitude friday 1/18

I am grateful for sleep, even with a stuffy head. I am grateful for lozenges that make it possible for the cough to stop long enough for sleep to take over.

I am grateful for managing my investments consistently and for my conscious investment group starting Sunday.

I am grateful for being willing to rest and take another night off. And for what rest looked like to me last night: playing six Scrabble games online on Facebook. An exhilarating hour and a half.

I’m grateful for herb teas and water and baths and rest.

I’m grateful for finally figuring out my audio problems and for surrendering. Hmmmm, I can’t get Airtunes to work? I’ll buy a longer cord and plug the stereo directly into the computer. How nice it is to let go of dogged determination. (Even though I really really really wanted it to work the other way. Oh well. It’s workin’ now.)

I’m grateful for Apple tech support. I love geeks.

I’m grateful for knowing how much I know about computers and networks. I have learned a lot!

I am grateful my clients are going with a redesign I proposed.

I am grateful that my *get rid of the old files, create new files for the new year* project is complete. I’m slow at it; I evaluate each sheet of paper to see if it can go through a printer or fax machine a second time. I recycle paper clips and folders that have a blank tab on one side. Determined. That’s me.

I am grateful to have started coaching K, a long-time cherished sponsee and friend. A new relationship for us and the first call was amazing. I’m grateful to be grateful.

Blessed be.

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