gratitude friday 12/21

I’m so grateful for my daughter! She and I had a lovely phone call yesterday. She continues to be so shocked and surprised when I don’t get mad at her. It’s wonderful.

I’m grateful for the beautiful light on this solstice morning. Welcome Poli’ahu, Lucina, Artemis, Amerissis, Alcyone, Ameratasu, Balder, Cailleach Bheur, Demeter, Spider Woman, Freya—goddesses of the sun and light. Welcome to the return of the light.

I’m grateful for the return of the light. Welcome

I’m grateful so grateful that everything I was worried about has worked out in the invisible. That I was able to surrender my worry to the perfect order of this wonderful universe.

I’m grateful for getting the rest of my holiday handmade gifts mailed. Grateful for a speedy trip through the post office.

I’m grateful to have this big project to do that will result in my contract with the City of Oakland.

I’m grateful for the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, which I’ve renamed the East Bay Depot for Creative Pricing. The first time I went, I bought seven used frames for $6 and yesterday I got six frames for $12. Funny. Arbitrary. And an awesome deal anyhow.

I’m grateful for my new haircut! I’m so glad to have found and tried my new haircutter. I’m hopeful that this will work out. She reminds me of my lamented NY hairdresser; that’s a good sign!

I’m grateful for a friend offering to do an errand for me; how nice.

I’m grateful for my AA meeting; I had really started missing people after being housebound for so long!

I’m grateful to be getting better. Put the thermometer away yesterday; a very good sign!

I’m grateful to be a grateful woman, with a gratitude practice. I’m grateful to find out that there’s a lot of people posting gratitude lists to the world. And that I went ahead and started this blog even though I wasn’t the first one to think of it!

I’m very grateful.

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