gratitude friday 12/5

I wrote my obituary this week. For a crone’s workshop coming tomorrow. Crone’s Breath. The name itself gives me chicken skin. In a good way.

I’m really interested to see what we do with our obits in the workshop.

Here’s my obituary, written by me:

Sue [Cohen] [Stone] Kearney —known as Raven to her circles of witches and priestesses—was born on November 2nd, 1950 in New York City and died surrounded by her witch-sters and her daughter, niece and sister. Sue was a hula dancer, a lindy hopper and a blues dancer. Sue was fiercely moved by rhythm and loved playing drum at her ritual circles and most any other time.

Sue grew succulents and had a collection of beautiful and interesting varieties. She was a passionate and talented cook and a locavore, preparing and eating fresh seasonal and locally grown food as much as possible. She was also active in the local green economy and sustainability movement, and both her businesses were nationally and locally green-certified. Sue was a business and personal coach and ran a successful graphic design business.

Sue grew up in Brooklyn, the oldest of three sisters, and graduated from high school at the age of sixteen and from college at the age of twenty. She leaves one daughter, Rose. Sue married twice, and adopted her daughter in her second marriage, in 1987.

Sue’s adventures in life included being the first woman ever hired as a roustabout by the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus; living in St. Croix and taking tourists sailing and snorkeling at Buck Island; studying astrology and casting charts; studying and teaching t’ai chi chuan; studying meditation; immersing in and then separating from a cult; running a restaurant (called Mr. Natural) with a group of friends. Sue got sober in 1991 and was active in twelve-step recovery from the time she became sober.

Sue was a photographer and photo-compositor. Sue began her gratitude writings in 2002, making a list of fifteen things for which she was grateful every day. In 2006, she turned these writings into a blog.

Sue became a witch and practitioner of women’s spirituality in the 1990s and became ordained as a Dianic high priestess in 2009.

It was really hard to write this. And quite a revealing exercise.

This, combined with the list of responses to the questions of sets of three, sets the stage for a lively session tomorrow. Here’s what I wrote for those:

1. Three things that have changed dramatically since I was a little girl
– telling time changed from analog to digital
– the advent of cell phones changed the way I relate with the people in my life
– the internet has changed the way I get information—I’m a googlemancer
2. Three things that are different about my body
– skin tone texture and overall effect of gravity
– gray hair on my head
– long  eyebrow hair that needs to be trimmed frequently; sparse pubic hair
3. Three demands on me that I no longer need to fulfill
– living my life for my daughter
– living my life as my father would have it be
– treating myself other than as a cherished loved person
4. Three things I fear about becoming older
– dying alone
– it being too late for love and romance
– running out of money
5. Three things I have always wanted to do, dreamed of doing, but never have done
– travel the Americas in an Airstream
– go to Ireland and France
– be in the movies
6. Three women older than I that I choose for role models
– Victoria
– Sylvia Sykes (dance teacher)
– Kat (my AA sponsor)

A little embarrassing. Truth often is.

I am blessed and grateful for hula. I love my hula class. Even when tired I love going.

And for my rich and varied business life.

Life is good.

Blessed be.

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  1. amazing and well done.

    one day i hope to be able to write an obit as inspiring about myself.

    huge hugs to you!

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