gratitude friday 2/15

It’s Friday, I’m grateful I’m grateful I’m grateful. How lovely to be committed to the practice of changing my thinking. Left to my own devices, my thinking isn’t pretty. Uh uh. Nope. So I redirect myself. Gently firmly and consistently.

This gratitude practice is the cornerstone. So is generosity. So is meditation. So is breathing. Awareness. Mindfulness.

I am grateful to be feeling better. To be relaxing into the chiropractic treatment. I used to itch at how long it took; now I just know it takes what it takes and I revel in the letting go and the healing. I am better today. My neck ache and rib ache is less and I am going to make time to return for more treatment today. Hope to be feeling good enough to dance easily and freely this weekend.

I am grateful for my coaching practice. For clients soaking it up. For how much it lights me up to be present for others’ transformation.

I’m grateful for auto-spellcheck. Save me from myself. Oh yes.

I’m grateful to take a risk and write an article for submission in Reclaiming Quarterly about my interwoven multicultural illuminated Rosh Chodesh astrological Tarot readings.

I’m grateful to be scheduled to lead a workshop at a Money Wi$e Women conference on April 12th. My workshop is on Managing Your Time and Multiple Commitments. Nice. My wheelhouse (one of my fave baseball references).

Wheelhouse — A hitter’s power zone. Usually a pitch waist-high and over the heart of the plate.

I am grateful for letting go of doing everything last night, even if it meant missing hula. I wanted to stop in at Laura’s birthday party and I did. And had the rest of the night off.

I am grateful the writers strike is over! Finally.

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