gratitude friday 4/17

Amazing, wonderful stuff. Some of my hula sistahs who are also lindy hop dancers made this “hula Shim Sham” video for Frankie Manning’s birthday celebration. Although I’m licking my wounds that I wasn’t included (boohoo!) I rejoice in what they have created.

I’m grateful for dancing. Got to the 920 last night and—even though my knee was giving me pain—I had some great dances.

I’m grateful for getting to two meetings in one day. And for taking the number of someone with the goal of getting a sponsor.

I’m grateful for being a sober woman for whom the intense desire to be as loaded as possible has lifted. Mostly. And for those moments when the craving comes, I’m so grateful that I know that this too shall pass.

I don’t lie to doctors any more. I don’t stand on cop lines. I don’t break laws and steal. I don’t manipulate friendship with the intention of getting into your stash. I don’t have surgeries I don’t need. I don’t call in my own prescriptions to drug stores. I am a materially changed woman. Good to remember.

I’m grateful for my commitment to productivity. I am fearlessly and happily widening my network and embarking on new ventures.

I’m grateful for air and water and sunshine. I have planted seeds in the ground and I see them sprouting. How cool is that? Yes I know I sound hopelessly naive. Remember, I’m from Brooklyn.

I get time with my Amazon witchsters tonight. Beautiful women making beautiful magic.

Life rocks

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