gratitude friday 5/16

I’m grateful to be up early and finding a moment of cool before the heat of the day comes back. It was nearly 100 degrees here yesterday. And me with no A/C. I am tolerating a too-hot office. I would like to manifest a ceiling fan as quickly as possible. Think I’ll chat with my landlady.

I am grateful for the support I got from my witch sisters around our gathering on Saturday. My efforts to find us a place to meet fell flat and I gave up and it got handled. And two people even acknowledged me for the work I had put into it. One called me on the phone! I love that. I am so grateful for my community.

I am grateful for client presentations going well. Especially the new client. We met f-t-f for the first time yesterday and I presented six logo designs and two pages of tagline ideas. Went great! Even the part that got uncomfortable, when one of the clients went back to an old idea and became insistent about it. I got into the zone of expressing myself clearly and allying myself with their stated desires and describing the reality of their launch schedule and what exactly that timeframe allows us to accomplish and what it does not. And she backed off what was a very bad idea. The good news: I did it without getting judgmental (she doesn’t need to know that her idea is a bad one) or defensive or speaking from fear. Yay!

I’m grateful I arrived early to the meeting and was the first one there.

I’m grateful my other client loves the opening animation to his website.

I showed up to a membership drive to which I was invited by a potential new client. Hope this contract gets signed next week!

And ooh boy am I grateful for the California supreme court! Overturning the gay marriage ban. What a wonderful day!

I was inspired and awestruck by a senior hula sister’s performance of the lili ue kneeling hula. Who knew it could look like that? Wow.

Today I go to traffic court. Blessed be!

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